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  • Veronica - Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle

    Veronica - Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle

    Le lingerie fanno risaltare la femminilità e l’eleganza di una donna,bisogna però saperle indossare per non sembrare volgari.

    Lingerie brings out the femininity and elegance of a woman, but you must know how to wear them so as not to seem vulgar.

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  • Tamara - German Alt Superstar

    Tamara - German Alt Superstar

    Erst mal sollte es definitiv ein professioneller Fotograf sein
    Grade in dem Bereich gibt es einige die „ Hauptsache nackt „ sehen wollen.
    Wichtig ist Fühlt man sich wohl
    Passt die Chemie Sobald man zweifelt unwohl fühlt und alles in der Richtung - abbrechen

    For mich ist es mein absoluter lieblingsbereich
    Die Kunst nackt sein und trozdem wirkt es nicht billig oder total Porno mäßig
    Nach dem Motto nude but Not naked.

    Man muss sich auch wohl fühlen und es soll Spaß machen.

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  • Michele - Mediterranean Mermaid

    Michele - Mediterranean Mermaid

    Confidence is key.

    It will be felt within the photos you are taking so be one with the body you have.

    Models come in all forms and body types.

    Curves are where it’s at and there is beauty in the female body!

    Remember that and the confidence will come naturally.

    Be you!

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  • Jamie Lee - Always believe in yourself

    Jamie Lee - Always believe in yourself

    Never let anybody push your levels if you are not comfortable with something don't do it.

    No means no, and above all always believe in yourself!

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Zoran Kostic Cane, twenty years on stage

Same, special, free, your only

On Republic Day, 29 November 1979, Cane is leading a group of "Bastards" has appeared on the punk masked ball in Zemun "Pinkie", which started a big story

photo :

"We broke from the early days that there is something that our performance, our appeal to the people, our commentary, different. Not that we consciously wanted to do, but let us first so liked to be, and then we broke it remains forever. So it does have a lot of looking back. Just what, as I go, I look, shake and fallen forward. We get, I can guarantee that we obtain, with God's help. "

Thus today about yourself and your band tells Zoran Kostic Cane, Partibrejkers half backbones, considered by many the best groups in the region. Born in 1964, in a family that has its roots in southern Serbia (paternal) and western parts of Serbian (mother's side). Few people in this region among the ancestors no one rebels hajduka or revolutionary, but they are rare indeed those who can boast to their roots of a Committee from the south, and no less than Gavrilo Princip. ( "He was a great-uncle kevin or something, you know that in Bosnia all blood related.")

At fifteen he had a first appearance: "Pank masquerade in Zemun, 29 November '79, a group of bastards, the song was called 'Spray against farmers. They broke my jaw ... Never mind, the more I beat in his youth, the stronger you in old age. " It was the first and only performance bastards, then the Urban Guerilla, and Workers' Control.

On the big two-day concert, New Wave scene in September 1981 at the Belgrade stadium Tasmajdan performed Radnička controls and raised the greatest trouble, mainly due Cane, which is the manner of which will later become his trademark managed to provoke the public and law enforcement. "It was a bummer, but to stop the concert, riots, cops prohibiting performance, and we go out for an encore. And then I say, 'Do not give us that play, fagots!' Frka general. We all thought 'now or never'. We I thought it would have to last, because we could not even plan to that point. "

The first performance Partibrejkers had at the club "Dado" the fourth of October 1982 as the opening group Fifties. "We then had the bis and when they leave Fifties, these from our audience immediately shouted at them 'Kićo Morrison, c'mon' out! ' We were delighted, man. That's all the time was a collision of old and new, a new mixture, the answer to this whole šminkeraj that accompanied the 'new wave'. You know, we are the first self-made Antonov concert guitar. We had a door from a guitar, a box of other Manzanera (Goran Bulatović, drummer) made in electronics, and I held the plastic that we cut saws from a kit for general technical education. "

The band's name was created on the basis of Cane's "chewing gum," Manzanera conceived it, and Anton wrote. "We did not know English and then was how to write the name. The rest is like this, we did not want to be no Partibrejkersi. Only Partibrejkers. Well, now what does that mean. '®urkolomci?' No, but a man who speaks the truth, the man against the established scheme. "

Nebojsa Antonijevic Anton, with Cane the only permanent member of the law and probably the best guitarist of Belgrade, he met the "second story" - as a courier in the bank. But already at that time it was known that he was a great play. The only problem was that Anton is three years older than Cane (second generation) and he had a somewhat different view of music. "They were fighting all the time that stretched for years and years. Now we're OK because, as we are at the end, we saw something else, something felt different. You know, I was with him many more would be pointless, but it is thought I'm horny and constantly were some sparks. you know, he 'ate' the guitar, and I told him 'Hey, do not soliraš, man!' I, who do not handle by any instrument and I do not sing from some intonation. I I do not sing, but I'm talking in rhythm, stick to the music. "

First panel: "We were terribly impatient when we are going to shoot the panel to piss off all these jerks around us. When we show them ... All you see that there's a big deal, some rhythm, some guitar, some singing which is atypical, a dishing. People who look like they came out of the container. We still do not look like some of the rockers, until you get to the stage. "

At that time, like the later Partibrejkers all done by feel. "We then thought we did not. We shot on stage, drank beer, smoked. We did not fuss to blow the audience. We did not have to do this could drag on something else that we did not want because it was such a time. we are talking about the truth. we took a huge burden, but we did not know. the great thing was when Tito died and that people can not iskapiraju. it was communists and anti-communists. Sine, peasants and urban. the farmer in terms Džudža, mutt, strndža. "

In June 1985, the group leaves Manzanera, that would then, in December of the same year, the band fell apart. "Everyone is pulling to his side. Anton and I have all along been in a conflict, and all the time we were talking about the same things. Jugoton us down, because he saw that we are not 'pro'. Then he released Electric orgasm 'Distortion 'and took all that charm. "

The orgasm then had a full sale and Breakers anywhere. "Wilting before they are blooming," describes Cane. The break-up lasted until May of next year, when the group brought Cane bassist Muneta (dimethyl Todorova), the only band member who is next to Cane and Anton lasted slightly longer (six years). He Breakers brought the necessary serenity.

"The second panel we announced the Jugodisk, but he has to publish PGP, but he would not. And then we played, played, played ..." At the end of 1988, Partibrejkers held a concert in the Belgrade Youth Centre, a concert that will be remembered after fierce sparks between the audience and Cane. On stage almost all the time flew firecrackers and bottles. "Here they thought that we become pussies, but they were wrong. Frka, without any fuss, we made it, we would have to invent it. You know: the aggression against depression. Because, again, it was anything e does not happen, I'm bored, I'm going to live long. I did not want to live long, to 27, and that nothing is left to disappear all images, all images, just to keep these songs. 'thousand years', to the greatest song of the eighties, just as the 'want to know' the greatest song of the nineties. I am glad that I took part in that. Maybe I'm immodest, but it rings true. "

From 1988 to 1992 Brejkersi are constantly working, to the delight of his fans posted a third album, but they are constantly changed stature (read: drummers), but such a pace inevitably led to a rupture of some stitches. "We played, played, played without solving some problems. These problems are then emerged when the war started. It comes hard ink ... They begin to echo these songs that you made to see the true picture of these songs, the right knowledge . we were poor in some periods, especially those of the nineties. you hate what you're doing, you hate this audience, it's disgusting, you're disgusting to myself. everything we could have dirtied we are, but all the time we pray for mercy. "

According to many, the strongest of Partibrejkers "Sour and sweet" came out in 1994 as a result of this crisis. At that time, Cane became ill. "Then he died and Milan (Mladenovic). Suddenly it was all cons. Everything we wanted we got, but for all that we wanted, we had to wait. I was fiercely indignant, I thought that others are to blame."

Deliverance: The following year, Cane was baptized in the church. Petka at Kalemegdan. A release from illness claims, he owes to God. "He could not even let me go. He just pulled me. He pulled out that I tell people to think for themselves, not to take drugs, to believe in your heart, because the heart of the living God, and God is love. We are orthodox rokenroleri . "

Acknowledging that "panic" when you read how many times God is mentioned in the interviews, Cane emphasizes: "Just because my responsibility has to be more to him I do not take nothing in his mouth, because what they say without work. Empty words and a great week. must work to be behind us, because if anyone ever ask us' hey, what's your role. you know how I feel glad when someone tells me that in addition to 'Stop, Johnny', made a child, or to a woman met at our concert. "

In 1997 he was released fifth studio album Partibrejkers "Ice Age", certainly the darkest plates in their career. "I'm pre 'Ice Age' was like, 'Come on,' oćemo to put out the name, let's try something else. I had a totally negative attitude. 'Ice Age' is a painful Panel. This panel is a man who has escaped from shovel. a man who sang with one foot in the grave. again, no matter how grim the plate, there dismissal. "

Today Cane claims that Brejkersi there until they die on or Anton. "This is a supplement to, as they support the wounded returning from the front. Someone without an eye, a leg ... Just not to fall, to go on. Because when a man chooses his side, easier to wear his wound ... seventeen years ago, you know what is seventeen years old. the guy who is about to go into the army and to give his life, if need be. it should hold only be served with a smile on his face to take the hits. I do not bear a grudge because someone who is resentful he does not let his good enters the memory. When I see what all the works today, it almost gives me some strength. you see that because some of the crowd insignificance all gone to change that for a lot of things you can not guarantee it. I I have not lost enthusiasm, there remains only personal development, since, if we do not probe me all the time at home, in families, we look to be better people, then get involved in amplifiers, so surprised when we see that something new comes out. "


Fourth Reich
On the big two-day concert, New Wave scene in September 1981 at the Belgrade stadium Tasmajdan performed Radnička controls and raised the greatest trouble, mainly due Cane, which is the manner of which will later become his trademark managed to provoke the public and law enforcement. "It was a bummer, but to stop the concert, riots, cops prohibiting performance, and we go out for an encore. And then I say, 'Do not give us that play, fagots!'. Frka general. We all thought 'now or never'. we did not think that this is something that lasts, because we could not even plan to that point. "

"It was a total crash with everyone," says Cane, recognizing that it was a shame how he addressed the people ( "and they are like"). At the last concert of Charles acrobats in Ljubljana, 5 October of the same year, the opening act was the Workers' control of the Cane and again managed to annoy the audience. "Man, the whole room started to beat us because of me, because I said 'What the Slovenes' father Fourth Reich?'."

What the hell, Croats?
The memories remain some concerts Breakers, like the one in Zagreb, KSET, the last bend which is held in the Croatian capital, when the song "Top to travel (when you travel alone)" everyone in the audience wept. Then the "comeback" concert on Tasmajdan in 1996, and for the New 1997 at the Republic Square in front of 300,000 people. "And, then, in the end, just remember 'What the hell, Croats?'" Says Cane remembering the sentence is uttered in Slovenia in 1992, the first concert after the war in which the Croats could see the Breakers.