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  • Christian -  Live and let live

    Christian - Live and let live

    Hi my dear, my name is Christian, also called lion's head ...

    Als Fotomodel stehe ich jetzt schon seit ca. 7 Jahren  vor der Kamera und es wird nie langweilig im Gegenteil, man lernt ständig neue Leute kennen und kann verschiedene Projekte gemeinsam umsetzen.

    Make-up & Hairstyles mach ich größtenteils selbst.

    Bei manchen Jobs kann man sich einfach zurücklehnen und wird geschminkt,  dennoch nehme ich es auch gerne selbst in die Hand , besonders wenn es um meinen Wuschelkopf geht :D

    Bisher habe ich mit ganz tollen Fotografen /Models/VISA’s Zusammenarbeiten dürfen und jedes Shooting hatte seinen Reiz von Dessous bis sexy- sportlich... lustig oder sinnliche!

    Anbei ganz liebe Grüße an alle mit denen ich bisher Zusammenarbeiten durfte!

    Ohne euch wäre das alles hier nicht möglich. Danke!!!

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  • Liberty - Rising Star

    Liberty - Rising Star

    In the next few weeks I will be a catwalk model for Birmingham Fashion Festival and currently, I am a semi-finalist for Miss Midlands UK 2018.

    If you asked me 3 months ago to participate within these events I most definitely would of said no. It has shown me how modelling can increase self-confidence and can teach you to love yourself for you!

    These two amazing opportunities made me realize how lucky I am and how far I have come in the last few months.

    I am extremely excited and still ridiculous overwhelmed by both opportunities.

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  • Megan - Becoming a model and being a role model

    Megan - Becoming a model and being a role model

    My confidence in myself and in photographers is building each day.

    My eye/mind for recognizing talent, beauty, and art is broadening and the support from friends, family and from other models has been amazing!

    We even have our own local model group chat where we can recommend photographers, ideas, and locations to each other.

    It’s an industry that I didn’t expect so much support from as people are very quick to judge but I have gained more than ever and for that I am thankful. 

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  • Jackée Montel - start being that beautiful person that you are

    Jackée Montel - start being that beautiful person that you are

    I would tell young girls to stay true to themselves. Be positive and keep on going. Because you only get what you put in so go big and keep chasing cause eventually, you’ll catch it! Always love yourself and never let no one tell you that you can’t do it! Because you can!

    Jcole said it best “ no such things as a life that’s better than yours, love yours” I truly believe whatever size or shape you are OWN IT! Self-love is the best love. Let your insecurities go and start being that beautiful person that you are. This is your life live it freely without being ashamed because you are beautiful.

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Feonix - Stay True to yourself by freeing yourself

Remain Humble. Remain Positive.  Meditate. Stay True to yourself by freeing yourself.

Grasp on to whatever your higher power is whatever you consider your " Gravity"

Remained Focused on your gravity as if its the oxygen to live.

When you think you can't prove to yourself why you can.

Challenge yourself but never forget your root. Use your history your emotion your energy.

Embrace your features take advantage.

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Abi - British Beauty

I have modeled since 2009, but only believed in myself and realized my true potential this year.
After coming across an amazing photographer who brought out the best in me, I have since taken it seriously.
I have a very unique look, which attracts.
I’m me, I’m unique, I’m different and I was born to stand out.
Every day is a fashion show and the world is my runway.

Beba - Love yourself the way you are

I always say “do what you love, do what you want to do and make you happy as long as you never step on others in your way to make your dreams come true” 

Be yourself, find who you really are, what you love, what makes you happy, what fills you as a human being, what you enjoy, what would you love and take all those positive things and start by doing all you want to do because it will make you happy and because you choose to do it and no because you need someone's else approval.

Love yourself the way you are because those genuine persons will always love you just the way you are, be the change, be unique, never step on others, learn from the mistakes and be a better person and never give up, hold yourself to those things that makes you happy to continue your way to build and make your dreams come true. 

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Artsy life of Neō-Neō

I love Maila Nurmi (Vampira) so so much. She was so classy and stylish, and I was such a gothic freak when I decided to start modeling that I wanted to become somewhat "the new Vampira".

I was that crazy.

So that was how "Neovampira" was created.

"Neō-Neō" comes from the Japanese culture, the Idol culture, they usually take the girls' name and say it twice, and I've always been called just "Neō" so.

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Bianca Anastasia - Crossfit & healthy lifestyle

 I think the first step is to be confident in yourself and know your body.

Sometimes we get frustrated because we want to look like certain models/athletes

but we all have a different body and what matters is to feel good with what we have.

In my case, if I'm not happy, I ask myself, what should I do or what should/would like to change?

And then I start focusing on that. 

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