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  • Veronica - Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle

    Veronica - Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle

    Le lingerie fanno risaltare la femminilità e l’eleganza di una donna,bisogna però saperle indossare per non sembrare volgari.

    Lingerie brings out the femininity and elegance of a woman, but you must know how to wear them so as not to seem vulgar.

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  • Tamara - German Alt Superstar

    Tamara - German Alt Superstar

    Erst mal sollte es definitiv ein professioneller Fotograf sein
    Grade in dem Bereich gibt es einige die „ Hauptsache nackt „ sehen wollen.
    Wichtig ist Fühlt man sich wohl
    Passt die Chemie Sobald man zweifelt unwohl fühlt und alles in der Richtung - abbrechen

    For mich ist es mein absoluter lieblingsbereich
    Die Kunst nackt sein und trozdem wirkt es nicht billig oder total Porno mäßig
    Nach dem Motto nude but Not naked.

    Man muss sich auch wohl fühlen und es soll Spaß machen.

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  • Michele - Mediterranean Mermaid

    Michele - Mediterranean Mermaid

    Confidence is key.

    It will be felt within the photos you are taking so be one with the body you have.

    Models come in all forms and body types.

    Curves are where it’s at and there is beauty in the female body!

    Remember that and the confidence will come naturally.

    Be you!

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  • Jamie Lee - Always believe in yourself

    Jamie Lee - Always believe in yourself

    Never let anybody push your levels if you are not comfortable with something don't do it.

    No means no, and above all always believe in yourself!

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Happy New Year with Lya

It is up to you to make that you want. Pursue your dreams.

Choose, please, your photographers and think all the same in your projects (to where the aim to be to try the experience (experiment)!

What are your limits which you give yourselves?

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Lindy X

Just get yourself out there and don’t be scared of what other people think!

You can either try to get in touch with an agency or just do a portfolio building photo shoot to start with and build from that!

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Meg Marie

I love doing implied/artful nudes. My view of what an implied photo is a photo where nudity is suggested, but the viewer is uncertain.

This allows the viewer to imagine what they would be seeing.

Artful nudes are a little different.

They focus more on the body with emphasis on the body's form, emotion, & composition.

Both concepts are absolutely amazing to do! But my personal favorite has to be the artful nudes.

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Andrea Allio's Art - Maze Angra

Espagnole ,prof de Fitness ,sportive ,j’ai commencé la photo il y a environ 2 ans et c’est devenu une passion comme la musculation que je pratique en parallèle. 

Spanish, fitness teacher, sports, I started the picture about 2 years ago and it became a passion as bodybuilding that I practice in parallel.

Ine - Argentina's finest

It's a very special feeling to get exposed.

I think that nude art, it's the most natural and sincere art expression you can achieve and can be very powerful the reaction you can get from the public.

I think it's very interesting the primitive sexual fiber you can wake up whit nudes.

In my opinion, organic and natural things are best.

That's my search in any artistic matter.

For me, nude body, it's one of the most beautiful expressions you can get.

I always try to flow with nature.

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