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  • Danielle


    My first experience in front of a camera was breathtaking. I never in my life have been in another setting where I felt that I fit and was comfortable to just let go and be myself. I prefer photos that are taken outside with the natural sun lighting. I feel the sun captures my skin tone better than artificial lighting.

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  • Solange


    I started modelling about 3 years ago. I started when i was 16. I was always told i should try it out by family and friends and even some random people on the street but i didnt actually start until an old friend of mine (sadly we are no longer friends) got me into it as she modelled for fun occasionally. She brought me to a shoot and after that i started messaging photographers of modelmayhem and instagram eventually it became a job rather than a hobby but i still always try to make it as fun as possible!

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  • Kayla - story of young, strong, brave beautiful girl

    Kayla - story of young, strong, brave beautiful girl

     I've been in front of a camera for longer than I can imagine , its something I do on my own, it just comes natural to me , my sister who takes a photography class in college is where I recieve my most practice from because I'm her model when it comes to her projects. it was years were I would go without smiling , people would think I was so bitter , and so mean , but what they didn't know was I was going through chronic depression that cause my mood either to be extremely angry or extremely sad . When I'm in front of a camera I finally have a reason to smile, an excuse to feel beautiful, to feel like a supermodel even if no one else see's it in me.

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  • Cristina - fashion and beauty

    Cristina - fashion and beauty

    Most of the time I'll be the one telling the photographer what my ideas are but also listen to theirs. I like to always do something new and creative, something different. I style all of my own shoots, as well as do my own hair and makeup and come up with my own poses. I guess I would call myself a creative director that models her own ideas

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Phebe - Gold Coast beauty

My first photo session was probably one of the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking experiences of my life! I felt unstoppable that day and really enjoyed myself. Even though I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, the photographer made me feel confident and helped me with my posing and things like that -- we actually ended up getting some awesome photos together and have worked together since then on multiple occasions.

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Yurina - EDC Queen

 ...I went to Vegas to see the party atmosphere at the home of EDC.
Every day I went to a different party with my friends, either a pool party or at a club. 
We only had 3 hours of sleep everyday- but it was great fun.

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Great photographer Andre Allio


It was with the model "Julie Amazone" (the only one at that time to answer my request) that I took my first steps in this field.
I would like to thank her for her patience and motivation. She made 1h 30 of way go and 1h30 return at each shooting.

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