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  • Sky- We define our beauty and worth, nobody else gets to do that for us!

    Sky- We define our beauty and worth, nobody else gets to do that for us!

    Nude photos and art are powerful. Personally, I use them as a way of reclaiming power over my body. They have the capacity to evoke strong emotions which can really drive a message home. In my own creation, nude art contains messages of freedom, liberation, vulnerability, and self-acceptance. There is nothing more raw and real and that is what truly inspires. I feel this sense of inspiration boil over when witnessing individuals of varying shapes, sizes, genders, ethnicities, and sexualities showcasing their nude bodies and art. It is something so natural and beautiful after all, so why hide it? Many of us have had to overcome difficulties in our minds to find the courage to pose nude. It can be such a cathartic and sacred experience when you finally let go of the doubt and take the plunge. In my personal experience, it has been empowering. I would much rather teach people that nude bodies are nothing to be ashamed of than perpetuate the idea that we should hide them in shame. We define our beauty and worth, nobody else gets to do that for us!

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  • Michelle - Rebel Heart

    Michelle - Rebel Heart

    My BEST advice? You are your worst critic. Learn to love yourself and it all falls into place from there. Do NOT listen to the catty drama in the modeling world. It’s never worth it and it only causes you to lose focus. And NEVER compare yourself or your work to others. You are not them, and you never will be. You are you. And nobody else can ever be you. You’re one of a kind and you’ll never be replaced. Live for that NOW!

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  • Ahbee - Every body is beautiful

    Ahbee - Every body is beautiful

    So long as a person's body is out of harm's way, all bodies are beautiful.

    EVERYBODY has their own idea of what is attractive and their own set of kinks. There will always be somebody who finds an individual attractive.

    Just as such there will always be people who will have negative opinions about someone and their appearance. As long as you love yourself and the vessel that carries you, to hell with anybody else's opinion on you, good or bad. 

    Every body is beautiful.

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  • Pinky - Cosplay is fun

    Pinky - Cosplay is fun

    My advice for a beginner cosplayer would be to just be yourself.

    For most people, cosplay is a way to escape reality.

    Just because you cosplay a certain character does not mean you have to act like that character.

    When I cosplay I'm not worried about being too into character, I'm mostly in it to have fun. Which leads into my second piece of advice, have fun. Always have fun when you are doing anything, whether it is for cosplay or not.

    Having fun, to me, is one of the more important parts of cosplaying.

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Michele - Mediterranean Mermaid

Confidence is key.

It will be felt within the photos you are taking so be one with the body you have.

Models come in all forms and body types.

Curves are where it’s at and there is beauty in the female body!

Remember that and the confidence will come naturally.

Be you!

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Katie - Let that inner glow shine


Your opinion is the only one that matters because at the end of the day it's you who will be looking in the mirror at yourself.

At the end of the day, we look and have conversations with ourselves.

And ourselves is our biggest enemy.

So love yourself and every inch, every curve, every bump, and every blemish, every roll, every wrinkle.

Love it all !!

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Tiffany - Birmingham's Finest

My advice to young girls will be to love who you are and follow your dreams, live life with no regrets.

Anyone can do anything they put their mind to, there are no limitations and just be yourself don’t change.

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"Known as Hédia, I have been a model since 2014, currently based in Provence, having benefited from a miss year, I continued in the world of photography, accompanied by a young make-up artist (makeup artist). , I was able to realize several projects that made me appreciate this artistic environment. The photo is a well-adjusted staging between a mixture of emotions, atmosphere, personal experience, desired desires, ambitions, etc. To create an image is to give oneself, to understand the other, to appropriate oneself to one's environment, to be a master of oneself, to go beyond one's limits, to surprise oneself in order to make an image live, to make it universal. to be able to appropriate it, get lost and escape in each of its lines, this is the union of the photographer and his model ♥
Photography helped me to grow, to take a step back on myself, to understand the other. It obliges me to each new experience to fight my weaknesses to make it a strength. It pushes the acceptance of the eyes of others and to make a judgment more fair to me in order to immortalize a moment, the trust that is. "

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