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  • Hell


    We are all beautiful and
    feminine in some kind of way…

    We just have to find it.

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  • Lili - working on cosplays

    Lili - working on cosplays

    As I write this, I am packing my bags to go to Washington, DC. While there, I will be performing with Wolfpac at the Juggalo March and afterparty, as well as, doing plenty of shoots along the way. In October, I will be a guest judge for the cosplay contest at Megafest 6 in Memphis, TN. I have a lot in the works for the upcoming months as well as next year but I don’t want to say anything until everything is set in stone. I am hoping since winter is coming up, I will get a little extra time so I can work on my cosplays. I have a lot of ideas I'm really excited about working on.

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  • Chris Eubank Jr vs Avni Yildirim

Amanda - if I burn bridges it's because I can swim now

I know people work hard some sell their soul however I feel like you sell yourself no matter what regardless because you want people to know your talent and what you're worth is so at the end of the day you are selling yourself overall. Some get tired of struggling so I see why they go the short route because the long route wasn't working but don't sell yourself short; you're worth too much. My mom told me I'm sitting on a million dollars... so I need someone who sees my worth that I'm worth more than I come off to be. 

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Kayla - young mother and dedicated model

Being a young mother is definitely hard I had my first son at 16 but I feel that having my son so young was a blessing, he made me turn my whole life around. I now have two amazing boys and an amazing husband! My choice to do what I love doesn't change the fact that I would do anything for my family.

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Ally - American beauty

Being a curve model is really challenging because the industry is either looking for a size 00-2 or a true plus-sized model.  All women’s bodies should be represented in fashion. Real sized curvy girls too.  It’s often a challenge in finding brands that are forward thinking.  I’m very thankful every day for curvy models like Ashley Graham that are paving the way for inclusion and body positivity in the fashion industry.  I am also thankful for industry leaders and designers like MacDugal and Christian Siriano for using curvy model. 

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I have one huge tattoo on my right thigh. It's a cluster of roses and designs with a quote in Tibetan Sanskrit and a geisha. The Sanskrit is in Drutsa and reads, "To live and die with no regrets." Roses are symbolic to love and happiness. The geisha symbolizes the epitome of a living work of art, one of which I consider myself. My tattoo means that, whether good or bad, each and every experience makes us who we are. There's nothing I'll trade in the world for the woman I am today and I accept that and all that came with it, it's a work of art. Get it? 

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Brooke - learn to love your body

I love exploring different styles! I'm open to anything.
Although, I do love the art behind boudoir/lingerie photography, because it's not just "some girl posing in lingerie" it's about empowering women, and the feminine beauty. After spending most of my life struggling with eating disorders and hating my body, the fact that I now have the confidence to embrace my curves and body is what makes me the happiest, and yes I do love to show it off because no one should ever have to feel like they're not beautiful. Its art, and It's the human body... we're all amazing in our different shapes and sizes. I love looking back on photos and just thinking to myself "Oh my god... that is me. I look amazing." Sometimes I'm so shocked I'm almost crying because it's an amazing feeling to not look at yourself in disgust but instead feel so empowered and beautiful.

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