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  • Isabella


    You are beautiful- Embrace being unique. People are going to say mean things. As soon as something ruffles feathers they always do. Let it go!

    Set goals for yourself, manifest them, believe in them.

    Get uncomfortable- go to those casting calls. Send that email. YOU have to believe in yourself.

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    Model: St. Merrique

    Instagram: st_merrique

    Photographer:  Unique Clicks Photography

    Instagram: Unique Clicks Photography 

    website : Unique Clicks Photography

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  • Visions Of Paradox presents Katrina Mac

    Visions Of Paradox presents Katrina Mac

  • Cora


     I think to showing my body it's a kind of feminist movement.
    I like when my photos are sexy, hot and provocative.
    I'm not the classical type of model...but I have some specials. This have every woman.
    You don't need to operate can just be cool and hot exactly as you are...
    It's not like a miss contest-where you have a concuration ...
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I'm a petite model. At 5'4" without the greatest complexion and inverted hips as well as little titties, these curvy models would be surprised at how girls like us yearn to be girls like them.

I've seen models who carry their scars into the modeling world with pride to show the world that perfection is a myth and we need to embrace all of our flaws.

Turn them into art.

It's what I do, and even though I'll probably never see a runway in my entire life, it seems to be working out just fine for me.

You're beautiful!

Don't forget it.

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Chocolate Diamond

When you look in the mirror, accept what you are, Own it!

Always carry yourself with confidence.

Love the skin your in. It starts with you.

When you love and accept who you are it is so much easier to present yourself in a confident manner.

Instead of covering yourself when you are nude, poke your chest out, hold your head high and wear it with confidence!

You will notice that other people won't second guess you because they will see how confident you are. Confidence is contagious!

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Samm Lynn

My first nude shoot gave me many mixed feelings & I actually didn’t like it at first.

I just couldn’t help but pick out every flaw in every picture being I was so insecure for so long but I decided to give it another try & learned not to hate the details individually but to love my body as a whole.

After realizing my beauty, modeling nude has only boosted my confidence more with each & every shoot.

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Cammie Cooper

I started modeling as an adult.  It's a misconception that you should be in your teens to start modeling. 
There is no such thing as being too old to pursue a dream.  There are models in their 30s (like myself) and 40s and beyond, working and making a nice paycheck. 
In my teens, with a friend as the photographer, I would do practice photo sessions, being silly and practicing posing. 
Practice makes perfect!
My first professional photo session, I was VERY nervous. 
Thankfully the other women were very positive and made me feel comfortable. 
They helped to make me feel comfortable and gave me some great tips. 
Your confidence exudes in your photos.

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