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  • Katrina - girl with an attitude

    Katrina - girl with an attitude

    By UAN

    I feel like so many things are sexualized nowadays that most view it in that way. Not to mention so many people have this distorted view of what body type is perfect that it leads to negative opinions on the naked human form if it does not uphold to their perception of what is attractive. 

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  • Virginie Vanos

    Virginie Vanos

    Virginie Vanos

    Après des humanités en section latin-grec-langues modernes, Virginie Vanos est passée tour à tour sur les planches, devant les caméras et des deux côtés de l'appareil photo. Nomade dans l’âme, mue par une immense soif de découverte, elle ne cesse de parcourir le monde, multipliant les voyages audacieux aux quatre coins de la planète.


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  • Ashlee - ambition and beauty

    Ashlee - ambition and beauty

    By UAN

    I grew up in a Muslim household, I'm the oldest sibling of 7 with 2 sisters and 4 brothers...My father believed to live in reality and in the now...

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  • Vicky - never stop dreaming

    Vicky - never stop dreaming

    By UAN have to become a good and really wanted model. You need to gain the experience not only for the good looking in front of the cameras but also for understanding and good knowledge in people...

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Why Cruising? Why now? And why does it feel like how you answer those questions will determine which side pocket you keep your handkerchief in?

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A Fistful of Hyrkanian Steel

May 31, 2016
Author: Rich Kirby

Little-known Geek Fact: Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian, did not invent Red Sonja. He did, however, create a Red Sonya (with a "Y") for one short story, "The Shadow of the Vulture" in 1934.

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Photography GRANT DELIN

Published 04/11/16, Interview Magazine 

I think it was the critic and filmmaker Rod Lurie who once said of Oliver Stone that he has made two of the greatest films of all time and two of the worst—which means he is the director with the world's biggest balls. There is a little room for debate in there, if only on the numbers.

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