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  • Joana - be true to your feelings / sé fiel a tus sentimientos

    Joana - be true to your feelings / sé fiel a tus sentimientos

    Les aconsejo que crean siempre en ellas mismas, va a haber mucha gente que no va a estar de acuerdo, pero si realmente sienten que el modelaje es lo que les gusta, que hagan oídos sordos y sean fiel a sus sentimientos. Que se quieran y se acepten como son, que hay lugar para todas y para todo tipo de cuerpo. 

    I advise them to always believe in themselves, there will be many people who will not agree, but if they really feel that modeling is what they like, turn a deaf ear and be true to their feelings. That they love and accept themselves as they are, that there is room for everyone and for all body types.

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  • Yami - Urban and sensual girl from Uruguay

    Yami - Urban and sensual girl from Uruguay

    Pienso que tenemos que creer en nosotras mismas, cada ser humano tiene su encanto su perfección. Si es lo que les gusta adelante que con dedicación y confianza se llega lejos.
    Y es importante recordar que primero que nada hay que amarse uno quererse, saberse admirar.
    Después de conseguir eso estamos aptos para amar a otra persona.

    I think we have to believe in ourselves, each human being has his charm, his perfection. If that is what you like, go ahead and with dedication and confidence you will go far.
    And it is important to remember that first of all you have to love yourself, love yourself, know how to admire yourself. After achieving that we are able to love another person.

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  • The Sub Enchantress - Class is forever

    The Sub Enchantress - Class is forever

    I’m actually new to this. I have only been modelling for around 9 months.

    I was really busy, finding my way, and then lockdown happened. I ended up postponing lots of shoots which I am now managing to complete them all.

    I’m having a blast. I absolutely love what I do and have met some amazing people and visited stunning locations and studios.

    I continue to work very hard and feel very blessed to have this as my hobby. 

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  • Holly Hudson - Be proud of what you do

    Holly Hudson - Be proud of what you do

    My advice would be to just be yourself and work with people you can trust. It certainly helps when they have experience in the field.

    With OnlyFans, you are in complete control of your content so don't let anyone pressure you to do anything you don't want to.

    Be comfortable and proud of what you do and what goes up. The large proportion of your fans are people you know that now have the opportunity to see you naked.

    If you decide to do it, own it, and be proud.

    I look at my content sometimes and think "Wow, is that really me!?"

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Photography GRANT DELIN

Published 04/11/16, Interview Magazine 

I think it was the critic and filmmaker Rod Lurie who once said of Oliver Stone that he has made two of the greatest films of all time and two of the worst—which means he is the director with the world's biggest balls. There is a little room for debate in there, if only on the numbers.

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