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Urban Art Nomads - LIFESTYLE

Alexayandra - urban artsy soul



... I recently discovered the Urbex (the urban exploration of abandoned buildings) and I must admit that I love this scenery where nature has taken over the man.
There are endless possibilities in these abandoned places, most of which are ephemeral.

J’adore la nature, mais j’ai découvert très récemment l’urbex (l’exploration urbaine de bâtiments abandonnés) et je dois dire que j’adore ces décors où la nature a repris le dessus sur l’homme.

Adaland J - Tattoos to remember


I started out wanting to be a Princess, then decided that I wanted to act and model so I guess you could say it been a lifelong dream to do what I'm doing.

Adela Lupse - Plus size modeling is in


It is like your castle, and you are its princess.
Nothing is more sexy and attractive than a sexy curvy & plus size woman with strong confidence in herself.

Alexandra - Art & Beauty


A lot of my art has the theme of painful love or sweet insanity.  Two achingly bittersweet feelings.  These are all the things that make life so impossible, endlessly interesting.

Alixia Busch

Paris, France et International

Modèle vivant et artiste, Alixia prête ses couleurs et ses formes à l'objectif.
Naturelle, créative et très souple. Elle aime les mises en scènes et les photographies à thèmes.






Social media contacts:
MODEL ART Management
Location: France
Since: 2016


Amanda - Punk Rock Audreay Hepburn


Initially, I started with street photography, wandering around the city and looking for cool outdoor spots. Lately, I've been doing a lot more lifestyle sessions though and I love them. There's something so intimate about it.

Amarna Miller - In the name of Art

By Radovan Nastic

November 21, 2016. 


The first movie I directed and produced was actually my final degree project. It's called "Pecata Mundi" and represents the evolution of a female orgasm through a very refined aesthetic.-Amarna Miller: poet, experimentalist, feminist

Andrea - Real Power. Real Woman



I had a lot of strong women to look up one especially my mother, who till this day I remember her telling me at a very young age to never depend or rely on someone to do anything for me.

Angelina App - European Bombshell



Passion for art comes from my early childhood, exactly from my Grandmother. As I was 6, I became lessons of Painting, Dancing, Piano and Culture.

Ashlee - ambition and beauty


I grew up in a Muslim household, I'm the oldest sibling of 7 with 2 sisters and 4 brothers...My father believed to live in reality and in the now...

Beautiful and charming Angélique Herlemann


Je n'ai jamais été model dans un événement de mode, je ne vise pas d'objectifs en particulier, c'est pour moi un loisir, mais je ne suis pas fermée à d'éventuelles propositions de contrats ou autres.

Beautiful Lex - Huntington Beach native, gamer and model


January 5th, 2017

Renowned for sandy beaches and great waves, the hometown of famous athletes and musicians, this most populated city in Orange county is also a birthplace of many beautiful faces, including our own, Lex.

D'Arocha - Nomad charisma


I originally come from Indonesia. My parents used to move from place to place consistently or we call it "nomad", due to this, I grew up in multiple regions.

Empress Reza - Beautiful and bold to core


Nubian Queen Art reminds me to never forget my starting point, ancestors and all because out of my black Nubian ass self-are many other queens and kings who have derived from’s free form, free flow, and hell it's free to highlight your own royalty, so why not embrace Nubian Queen art basically.

French beauty / Jenny Amoroso

Modèle depuis 2011, Jenny a également de l'expérience dans le domaine de la vidéo (pub, figuration).