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Hi I’m Elizabeth, I am a woman and a Latina, and also transgender, i am a triple minority. The struggles I endure in my journey make me a stronger kinder individual, with that I see everyone as equal and treat everyone the same never judge anyone by their looks. I am a fighter and will continue to fight everyday of my life to be myself. I want to help others in anyway I can, even if it’s just spreading positivity. Many people have put me down for who I am or didn’t think I had it in me, but I surprised them, I’m much stronger then they thought. One thing I have to say and hope you take after reading this is “Be kind to others and humble yourself, love yourself and remember everything is possible if you push yourself”. 

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Lisa Belle

« Feminity is not about your body or face. It’s a state of mind...

And a lot of others keys and tips that will add one to each other, make you a feminine person chic and sexy »

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Miss Trans Star International Chile - Fabiana Andrea Tobar

   My name is Andrea Tobar I am Chilean represent my country in the contest miss trans star international that was held last year in Spain Barcelona my time in the contest was a wonderful experience where I met really amazing people with different stories for each living the same problems that I hate discrimination rejection problems that Trans people have since we are born or we decided to make our change is the lack of information especially in legal and health institutions


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      When I was a young adolescent I made it known to my family and to the world that I am a transgender. It need not be verbalized actually. All that I did was go out with other trans friends and join pageants here and there. I didn't experience any disapproval because I guess the household needed a princess 

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