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In present day, I've come a long way, I see transitioning just the same as everyone else, it's a growing process.

Tell us something about your roots and childhood time.

 I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and just like any other usual kid, I went through the whole process of kindergarten and schooling. My family have very strong traditional Chinese values, so already, I experienced the duo cultured environment. Till this day, it runs through my blood despite my appearance is heavily influenced by Western culture, in the back of my mind I have a good concept of Asian living.


  1. How was your teenage period ?

 My parents are also Christian, so they put me into a Christian high school, this negatively affected my puberty and teenage growing process. Obviously I was born male, and I never knew what transgender was during that time, so growing up I was bullied for my femininity. Most other boys in school were much stronger than me, and it was an advantage for them to physical abuse me with that extra strength. I also struggled to make friends, since everyone isolated me in school for being an introvert as well as this 'gay' acting boy. I wish I was stronger and more confident like I am now.


  1. You are LGBTQ. Can you tell us about that ?

 Living as a transgender woman, has been the healthiest lifestyle I've experienced so far. Like other transwomen, it just feels right, I've unconsciously lived as a woman my whole life, just trapped in the wrong category. Prior to transitioning, I was this insecure boy who never saw beauty within oneself, and this caused me to allow other students and people during that part of my lifetime to abuse and take advantage of me.


In the present day, I've come a long way, I see transitioning just the same as everyone else, it's a growing process. Being the right gender means I can live life the way I've always wanted to live, like a woman, which means society also treats me differently.


  1. Reaction from your close friends and family ?

 Since my family are strictly religious and traditional in their views of life, that means things that are 'disobedient' to God's laws are not permitted. Including anything in relation to the LGBTQ community, let alone the fact that I came out as transgender. As a child I already had a difficult relationship with my family, and the process of becoming transgender only worsened the relationship. My parents would try to hire pastors to tutor me, or take my 'female' belongings and try to diminish them, stop me from dressing a certain way, they wanted a boy and not a girl. Till this day, they've stuck close to their beliefs and haven't changed, therefore I have a disconnect with my true family. However, as soon as I entered college, this was the time when I started to blossom and expand my level of confidence. Which I've met some of my best friends along this journey, and they have been the people I can count on time after time. They have shown me true love and have always been there for me, which is the complete opposite to my true blood family. I've learned it's okay if I'm not born into the perfect home in the world, I can learn from the experiences and make a better life for myself by surrounding with people who love me.


  1. You have started you Personal Blog on Instagram. What was your idea from the beginning, what did you want to present to people ?

 Instagram has been my favourite social media platform as soon as I have started using social media, the simple layout and flexibility it gives means I can present my lifestyle and photos immediately to people who stumble across my account. Transgender people have this stigma attached that they are perceived as sexual fantasy objects, and this has run for many years. I feel like that stereotype shouldn't be the case, my Instagram shows my lifestyle, and I don't mind feeling sexual but I always showcase my lifestyle as oppose to objectifying myself in photographs.

Fashion has also been a major part of my life, my monochromatic minimalist fashion not only makes me happy about myself, but also is part of my everyday routine that I put time and effort into getting ready for the day. The choices I shop and how I dress could possibly inspire others to adapt to minimalism if that's what they feel they want in life.


  1. Who is taking photos of you for IG and do you have a concept when it comes to posting them ?

 Most often I get either my friends, random friendly people or I take my photographs myself for my Instagram, however I always direct them where and how I want the photographs to be taken. Usually

these photos are taken on my iPhone because since it's a documentation of my life, I want them to be easily taken to capture the moment in time. I always then post process them very specifically to my style of editing and then post them, making sure each photograph work cohesively with the rest.

      7. How are you involved in fashion ?

  I've never actually been involved in fashion, it's always been a driving factor of what makes me confident and comfortable, but till this date I've only posed for local Melbourne brands or help style for some shoots.

 Although, I do hope in the future as I am producing more content and gaining popularity that brands and people could approach me for help.


  1. Lots of your photos are about Art. Paintings. Architecture. Tellus more about that.

 People who know me well, always refer me as a creative humanitarian. Being creative is my strength and my passion, and that not only includes fashion and photography. Currently, I am an architectural design student and that has always been a backbone for how I get inspired by other industries of design.


  1. Androgynous. You have used that hashtag several times. What does it mean to you.

 Although I am a transgender woman, I've realized as of recently I'm not fully girly nor am I fully manly, I'm more of a hybrid of both. Therefore I'm embracing my androgynous character, it's okay to not fit into gender and society norms, just own it.

      10. Gender and society norms. In general. Your opinion about that ?

 This topic has had a big impact in my life because of my traditional and religious upbringing, the strictness in gender and society norms my family has implemented into my blood has been a struggle for me to understand why it's okay to break the barriers. However, as I've started to distance myself from 

the negative people in my life, I've realized it's so much more comfortable and healthy to forget about all the rules and regulations of how you should act, and worry more about what kind of impact you make in the world.

      11. Are you active in LGBT life ?


I'm a huge advocate for embracing queerness and involving myself with the LGBTQ community, a place where I can share my stories and life without the fear of people not understanding. Hanging out and partying with LGBT people are some of the best times you can have, they go all out and actually have lots of fun.

     12. Favorite brands that you like to wear ?

 When it comes to bag, accessories, leather goods, outerwear and shoes, I stick to my higher end and luxury brands, because for a minimalist, these items make or break an outfit. As of recently, I've started investing in brands like Furla, Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton, because I appreciate their designs, silhouette and textures. In contrast, I think basic pieces like shirts, pants, skirts and dresses I can buy from high street brands because these will not last as long, fashion keeps changing and pieces wear off, therefore I like Zara, Topshop and Glassons a lot because they seem to have clothes that fit my body type.

     13. Any hobby ?

 Obviously, my main hobby is photography, but I do handcraft cards and letters for my closest friends. There is something about putting in the time and hard work that means so much more, even if it's a simple card, if it is well made and has meaning, I believe these can also be timeless pieces for my loved ones.


     14. Social media where people can see your work

 At the moment, I have only my Instagram account available, however once my schedule clears up a bit, I have a personal website coming soon. There I will be doing weekly blog posts of my lifestyle and fashion.

Marsh Long