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Lisa Belle

« Feminity is not about your body or face. It’s a state of mind...

And a lot of others keys and tips that will add one to each other, make you a feminine person chic and sexy »

Who am I ?

I was born in Paris in a family that I love. I started my carrer by being graduate from a business school.

One day, I was casted on the subway by an agent form a model agency. From this day, I started to make photos and run for différents brands such as Kenzo in London. Ma career as an androgynous model opened to me different ways and boosted my social network. Passionate people and also very creative ones.

Thank to modeling and to my business school, I started to work for Lanvin as a PR assistant, then in a web design agency Carre Passer, trend cabinet (NellyRody). So i gave all the chance to my career by studying art and fashion during this career.



My friends :

I a shy kind of girl, all the friends that I have today are the ones from my business school. They filled me with joy and make me a better person every day a little bit more. From France, Morocco, The United States … from différents parts of the world. A diversity that helps me and teach me about life, culture, and tolerance. I will not be able to breathe without them, they are my oxygen, I have them in my blood.

But it’s not enough, i talked about me too much now! So now I invite you to read my blog hoping that you will like it… But the more important, listen carefully and use all my tips!


Why this blog :

I created this blog this year, linked to my Instagram lisa-belle-official. All the messages of support, all the personal questions, all the advice that people asked me from all around the world and both gender filled me with joy.

Instagram was not enough. So the idea of creating this blog came out like something obvious.

This is not a political or activist website. It’s just the digital side of a young and passionate partisan girl who shares her love for the best things. You will find here a lot about makeup, fashion, art and more. Very curious as a person in my social life, the craziness of my friends help me every day to find a new topic to share. I love to travel and make new experiences. #mylife on this blog LOL

Instagram: Lissa Belle

Facebook: Official Lissa Belle

YouTube: Lissa

Contact: Lissa Belle