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Maggie Zhao

I’m Maggie Zhao, a 26-year-old part-time crossdresser from China, living with my boyfriend in Beijing. 


I get started dressed up from 9 years old( maybe more earlier), just cause a Hollywood movie, about a man, pretend a female for chasing a girl that he loved, he get into that girl’s apartment as a female renter also have breast cancer,finally that girl find the truth, then kick him out her apartment. 

I begin to find women clothes in my aunty’s drawer, bra, stockings, and her bride dress, high heels, nail polish myself, then walk out the door showing my girl look to neighbors, I’m so happy to hear they said me beautiful at that moment. So might a reason that I keep dressing up to now.



I always thought a girl deep inside of my heart, after dressed up few years,  I have changed a lot when learning how to protect my skin,  makeup, fashion things, I get started to know what women mean, and began feeling what women feel. But I still work as a man usually and used weekends to let my inside girl out.


I love photography, traveling, reading, and singing karaoke with friends, I enjoy my life both as a man and a woman, this just complete my life,  and my boyfriend, he had been companies with me about 7 years, I really appreciate god send him in my life, he’s my sweetheart


Maggie Zhao