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Anyela Damas: World through the eyes of the young beautiful artsy lady

By Jonathan Quid   August 10th, 2016

Few days ago, we had a chance to meet lovely young lady and briefly chat with her under LA Sun. 

When did you recognize your passion for modeling and acting?

Modeling, acting, and dancing are my passion since I was little. When I was 5 years old my mom dressed me up like a gypsy for a costume party. My mission on that day was to model with my costume and I did it really well. Consequently, my mother enrolled me in some dance classes where from my 5 to 12 years old I learned flamenco, the most popular and the traditional dances in Cuba. Later at my 16 years old I took acting, modeling and dance classes here in L.A for six months and one more time I was sure that it is what I want to do in life. 

Tell us what the hardest thing is for you when it comes to modeling.
When you really want to do something, you will try your best to do it, you will look the positive side and that is what will matter for you. There is nothing that I can consider hard about modeling. I feel comfortable and enjoy doing it. It is true that modeling might have difficult steps but nothing that I can't afford.

The most beautiful thing about modeling - what kind of photography do you like to do.
Modeling is one of the things that I will never feel bored of doing. I can easily wake up every morning and model without complaining. There is no other field that completes me as the Entertainment Industry. Photo-shoots are very fun, especially when is glamour modeling, swing wear, casual or street art. Outdoors are my favorites!! I like to play with every element that nature gives us to make pictures better.

Acting in LA - sounds like a very hard mission, it is big competition. Tell us about your experience so far at castings.
There are plenty of people in LA that share the same Hollywood Dream. In every casting, you will see professionals with more or less experience than you , but that is not a fact that stops me .You are responsible for giving 100% of you in every casting and you must believe that you can do it. The secret is to believe in yourself and think positive about your goals.

  Favorite artists - in general, from music to movies - and the reason why.
I personally admire many artists from movies, TV shows and music, each one of them has an important role. The artists that inspire me every day are Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Ellen DeGeneres, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Leonardo Dicaprio. It is crucial to recognize what they do in their artist's careers and outside of it. For example, Leonardo Dicaprio discussed plans to deal with global warming and the environment. He, like most of the artists that I have mentioned, does donations to help different organizations in our society.

What kind of art do you like most and why.
Modeling, acting and dancing are my passion in general. There is a lot of fun in each one and is hard to decide between them. I think that acting in particular help me to experience many different characters and to be in someone else's shoes. It also gives me the opportunity to learn how to improve my self depends on the situation. As an actress, my mission is to show the audience how the character and not yours.

Music and movies, TV shows... What is popular among your generation and what do you prefer?  
Watching movies and T.V shows is always fun and instructive, however, I can't live a day without listening music. My playlist is always a variety of singers (English and Spanish) depending on my mood.  

Looking at your Instagram photos, it seems that you are very talented for photography. Do you have a passion for photography? If do, tell us more about that. 

I do have a passion for photography I love to take pictures of places, flowers, the beach and natural resources in general.  

Tell us more about Cuba - music, cinema, street art, whatever you noticed.
There is a lot to say about Cuba, especially if we are talking about art. Our culture is a mix of European, North American, South American, and African elements. This mix is what makes Cuban culture different. Every TV show or movie reflects the most common problems that Cubans face every day.It are normal to see people playing some "salsa" in any street. People start dancing since they are very young and enjoy every kind of music. Cubans have music and rhythm in our blood!! 

What do you like / dislike in LA?

LA is full of different cultures, good people, and beautiful places. I love the city in every aspect!

How do you see yourself in 5 years?
I have always heard that you have to "create a life you don't need vacations from”. That is my main goal in life. I see myself winning more experience in the Entertainment Industry and growing professionally. My plan is to work on different projects that help me to become every day a better model and actress.




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