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Hello to Italian blogger Tess

August 31, 2016

We asked Tess Del Prete, Italian blogger and fashionista about her daily life and her dedicated fans. 

Tell us something about you - where from, age, what are you doing in your life.
Hi, my name is Tess Del Prete,I'm Italian,I'm 20, I'm an influencer and a university student.

When did you get started to follow fashion? 
I follow fashion when I was 13, I was a model,when I started university and I had to leave the fashion world because of my many commitments, but I've never left totally fashion,I started to share my photos on Instagram.

What kind of fashion do you like ? Give us some examples and favorite brands.
I like to mix styles,I like to create a style all mine,some of my favorite brands are Bershka, Zara, Stradivarius, H&M.

Photography? Is there any genre of photos that you like to do? 
I like fashion and glamor.

Your favorite photos are... ? 
photos in a wedding dress.

You have a big fan base on Instagram. Do you communicate with your followers? 
Of course! Communication is the base for all the big profiles.

Do you give fashion advice to people?
Yes, I do it through photos.

What do you think about high-class fashion ? Can you compare European and USA view of fashion?
I like Chanel and Valentino, I've noticed that the American fashion is more casual and sporty , the European fashion goes on the classic.

Your favorite city in Europe and why? 
Paris, the city of love and the fashion capital, it is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities.

Your goal for the future - how do you see yourself in 5 yrs. 
The degree and to continue mu work on Instagram.

You can follow work of Tess at  tessdelprete