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Hollywood's finest - Lina Kong

September 6, 2016

By Jonatan Quid

In the heart of Hollywood where hopes and dreams attracts artists from around the worlds, we met beautiful Lina Kong and her Akita dog Titan. 

Where are you from & how did you end up in Hollywood.
I was born and raised in the Midwest, after graduating high school I've been living in both Nashville, TN and Missouri on and off. In all honesty, I was supposed to be living in Carlsbad so I can enroll into the GIA program so I can become a gemologist. How'd Hollywood came up instead?!, I'm not even sure but I'm here and I'll make a name for myself haha.

What would you like us to know about yourself?
I'm a first generation Cambodian- American. Both my parents were born and raised in Cambodia and escaped the genocide. Being able to make my parents proud of my accomplishments is my main goal, I do not want to take their survival as an excuse for not being able to achieve the American dream.

Tell us something about your artsy background - painting etc.
I've been drawing since I was around 5 or so. I witnessed my dad painting this mural and was so inspired that I wanted to be just like him. All throughout school I've taken many art classes as a way to express myself and to have some free time to not do "actual school work" while listening to my iPod. Back home I have tons of sketches and paintings, here since my space is so small I just have a tiny sketchbook that I doodle in from time to time. My favorite type of medium that's usually my go to is graphite, ink, then oil but it normally depends on my vision and how I would like to express it.

Favorite painters?
I'm not sure if I really have a favorite painter, I love all sorts of style of art and each artist has their own unique style. Though I'm a huge sucker for street art and how expressive it is especially when it's vibrant. I love Banksy work!

You are into acting too. What have you been working on ? What kind of roles do you like? How did you get into that world?
I haven't really jumped into the acting world yet, slowly I'm making my way up there as long as I keep connecting with the right people. As of roles, I would love to be in a horror movie!!! I love watching horror movies just to have that feeling of getting scared and jumping out of your seat. Besides the big screen I've been trying out for game shows, you'll see me soon.

Model life - give me something about shootings, photographer personalities, any funny scene from shooting?
All photographers are all different. Some are sweet while some just get to the point since time is money or they know what they like and would want the best work in little time possible. You can take 200+ photos but normally there is those top 5 that makes the cut and gets retouched. Normally I'm always at the beach doing a swimwear photo-shoot, and it sucks when you get in the water and it's freezing cold but you have to look natural or if the reflector is so bright and you're trying so hard not to squint or if the water hits your face you have to make sure the makeup isn't ruined. It's hard work to look pretty for those measly 2+ hours.

The story of your best friend - dog :) 
His name is Titan, has a 2-year-old American Akita. He's the best gift I could ever ask for. A big mommas boy for life. Rescued him while I was back in Nashville, TN about a year ago. He's been through so many rough patches with me and always manages to keep me sane and calm, best emotion support buddy. He's the best companion/ security body guard dog ever, especially when I'm home alone he lets people know not to come by. He's only a barker if he has to, otherwise, he's a gentle giant that hates real dog toys and loves socks and laser pointers! Best ways to describe him: silent and stealthy like a ninja, gentle as a cat, stamina, and strength of a bear and a knight under all that fluff.

How do you see yourself in 5 yrs.
I'll be 30! It's crazy to even imagine it. Hopefully, within the next year, I'll be stable and have everything going well and settled. If finances isn't an issue within the next few years I would love to give back to my parents for always supporting my decisions. I've made the last few years tough on them but I love how they never gave up on me even at this age, haha. Plus I would like to continue the philanthropy work my family has contributed to elementary schools back in Cambodia. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing kids grateful for things that are normally taken for granted like notebooks, pens, and pencils. On top of that I would like to create or be partners with a non-profit organization that creates transitioning homes for adolescents that are recovering from substance abuse, (at least 17+ and 2+years sobriety) with this, the organization can help with their recovery process as well as helping them obtain a job and create the necessity for a better future. Also, finding a way to breed specific legislation! I hate how society blames the breed when all depends on the owner and how the dog was raised. Breed restrictions suck, especially since my dog is considered an aggressive breed. There should be dog temperament/ aggression test with all dogs that are deemed aggressive and nonaggressive instead of just automatically banning them as well as owners should have full responsibility for their pets and insure them (pet insurance) in the case of any liable incidents. All dogs deserve equality!