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Jasmine Danielle - LA heart with Georgian soul

By Jonatan Quid

September 22, 2016


Where are you from and how old are you?

I am 18 years old and I was born in Los Angeles, CA, but I grew up in Atlanta, GA. I always thought of LA as home, but I feel like I was supposed to grow up in ATL. I see myself being a different person if I stayed here. 

Why do you think things would be different out here?

I think Atlanta's raw history molded me. I appreciate the culture that surrounded me. I remember going to Martin Luther King's house and feeling his family's presence, or visiting Savannah, GA and seeing the holes in the floor of a church so the passing slaves could breath. I remember going to my mom's friend of a friend's barbeque and talking to everyone like we've known each other for years. LA is home, but Atlanta kept me humble.

What made you interested in becoming a model?

I've always heard people telling me I should model since I was in my early teens. I never actually considered it because I thought I had to be taller or more unique-looking than what I am now, but I had an epiphany moment. If I hear the same thing from a plethora of people for most of my life, than I don't need to be any different than what I am now. There is something different that people see in me that I don't see, yet. I'm interested in modeling for the confidence and owning what I have. I feel like I am loving myself more than I already do everytime I pose in front of a camera.

And how do you feel when you pose in front of a camera?

To be honest, I notice I'm still a little shy in my pictures. But like every other model, I see what I need to work on and I make myself better from the last time. In my third photoshoot, I took pictures at Hermosa Beach with another model. Her name is Nikki Hru. She told me to dance in front of the camera. This beautiful girl I rarely knew was such a big help to me that day. Ever since then I always think of what I can do different to make myself better everytime I get in front of a camera. I love my body, now I have to show everyone else what to love about it.


I remember you mentioning to me that you love dance, what kind of dance do you like?

Classic ballet has always had a special place in my heart. It's so beautiful how all the dancers move in sync with each other and when she does a pirouette or when he lifts her into the air. My favorite performing company of all time will always be the Alvin Ailey dance company. I've always had an obession with Revelations. It gives me chills just thinking about the expression in each piece.

Are there any other arts you like?

I love and appreciate all arts. There's art in everything. My favorite artist at the moment is Khalid Wiley. His art work is absolutely mesmerizing. He brings beauty and rawness to the black community, especially women. Music has also been a big part of my life. I played the saxophone since I was eight or nine years old, and that's helped me appreciate that amount of work it takes to perfect one piece of music. There's no discrimination with me when it comes to music. I love progressive rock, rap, R&B, classic, bluegrass, 70's, EDM. You name it, and I will give it a listen.

How would you describe your fashion sense? Are there any models that inspire your look?

I would describe my fashion sense as androgynous. I love changing things up when it comes to what I wear. If I find a shirt I like, I will think of different ways to dress it up. "Could I wear this with a pair of joggers or a skirt?". "Is there a jacket I can pair this with?". Sometimes I will dress super girly, and other days I'll rock a boyish look. I feel like I can get away with doing that since I keep my hair short (not saying that you need short hair to look like a boy). Lately, I've really been into maxi dresses. They make me look taller than what I already am, and I can throw one on with a pair of hoop earrings and look like there was some thought put into my outfit {laughs}. As far as models inspiring my look go, I don't have a specific model in mind. Whatever is trending is the look I will pic at. The 90's is still trending and you can never go wrong with a cute crop top and a pair of high-waist jeans!

How has your modeling experience been so far, and what are your goals as a model?

So far my experience has been little, but I've loved the people that I worked with so far. Everyone has been nothing but nice to me. My very first photo shoot was with an old boss of mine. I interned at a vintage clothing store on Pico Boulevard called Pop Life Arts (unfortunately, the store is closed, but you can still buy her merchandise online). I posed for her online store, but I did it mainly for her. I was 17 passing by high school, so I wasn't seriously considering modeling at that time. My first actual photo shoot that I'd done was with an ex-coworker of mine. He is launching a clothing line in Sweden. How amazing is that?! I posed for his new line, and now he lives in Sweden with his wife and daughter.
I had another photo shoot with a friend of mine in Hermosa Beach. She's the same age as me and she definitely helped push myself more as I continue to build my experience. The next thing I will be in is the LA Fashion Expo in Downtown Los Angeles, and I couldn't be anymore excited for what comes after this experience! Maybe I'll get signed with the Daniel Hoffe agency.That's my future goal. They don't know it yet, but I am their next big model. I want to do more artistic modeling with colored lighting and work with people of different cultures. I love the idea of seeing other's visions and helping them come alive. I am not completely interested in looking like your model in a Victoria's Secret ad.

Aside from modeling, how do you spend your time in LA?

I work a lot! If I'm not working, I am finding new people to work with. If I'm not finding new modeling gigs, I am hanging out with some of my close friends or I'm dancing or hiking up Runyon Canyon. I love having an active lifestyle. I'm not much of a person sit at home and watch TV. Don't get me wrong, if I don't want to get out the bed, I will stick by my pillows side, but eventually I need to get up and do something. Even if it's just to go for a walk. I love finding new hiking trails in LA, because it's an escape from the city. Being the I grew up in Georgia, I'm still used to seeing trees all the time, and the hiking trails is a little bit of a reminder to me. Griffith Park has been my favorite so far. I love love love the observatory. I've only been once and the first time I went, I wasn't expecting to see all these exibits about the universe! It was pretty cool to me the first time, so I definitely want to go back and do a little bit more exploring.

What are your plans for the future?

This answer may be a little bit longer than the rest of the questions you asked me so far, so bare with me. I want to go to college and study social sciences. Maybe become a family therapist or anthropologist. I love learning about different cultures, foods, music... anything that's different from the world that I am used to. I have a certain interest in human behavior and the way we react to the situations that we encounter. I've always loved helping people. If I can do something to put a smile on someone's face, I'll do it. We are all capable of so many things. I think sometimes we get stuck in our problems and forget to love what we have and push ourselves and do better for ourselves. I want to be one of those people that helps someone be the best possible version of what he or she can be. With me, I know I have a lot of goals in life. I want to continue to play music (I play the saxophone), I want to learn American Sign Language and Spanish. I want to dance with the Millennium dance company. I want to learn guitar and cello. I want to change people's lives, although I am not sure of exactly how I will accomplish that, yet. I want to create organizations to save what is left of the environment. I have a bright future ahead of me. If I were to let my worries get the best of me, how will I ever have time to be better everyday?


You mentioned you play the saxophone, how long have you been doing that?

I've been playing the alto sax since I was in fourth grade, so I probably started when I was eight or nine if I remember correctly. I was in marching band my freshman and sophomore year of high school and I absolutely loved it. We were all one big family. I remember how hard working we all were and we won a lot of 1st places on competition day, which makes me really proud when I think back on it now. LIke I said before, I've always loved music, so if I decide to stop modeling, I'll probably start working on a music career and see where that takes me.




























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