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German Beauty Evelina - Is There Any Difference?

November 4th, 2016

By Radovan Nastic

 "When you are younger you don’t really have your own style. In younger ages, you are still figuring out. Some people never stop figuring out, which can also be a good thing."

1. Something about your background - roots, interests while growing up, teenage dreams

I was born in Angola. I came to Germany as a baby. My siblings were all born in Germany. My parents came as young adults. They wanted us to grow up in a more peaceful environment and get the best education possible. Growing up with African parents and different cultural standards wasn't always easy. You´re basically between two worlds, one at home and the other one at school or with friends. Combining these two worlds has always been a challenge. I guess a lot of people can relate. Now I can laugh about it when I think of some situations in the past, which weren’t so funny then. But it´s a part of me and because of that, I became the person I´m today.
As a kid, I was very sporty. At school, I did mostly all the after school activities. I even played in a soccer team. Not for long, though, I was just not that into it. Only did it cause my friend did, but I wasn’t any good at playing soccer. I guess that explains why at games I mostly sat on the subs’ bench It´s very funny now that I think about it. But as a kid you just try out a lot of stuff to find your way, whether it makes sense or not.
By the time I was 15/16 yrs old sports became less and less interesting to me.

2. When did you start to get interested in fashion?

When I was little my mom taught me and my siblings to always leave the house dressed properly. She always made sure that our clothes were ironed and our shoes were clean. I had clothes for going to school with and “going out-clothes”. “Going out -clothes” were for special occasions like for example visiting family, friends, relatives, or going to events with your parents, such as weddings, birthdays etc.
Sometimes at school I wanted to wear my “going out-clothes” but that was strictly forbidden At school I was only supposed to wear the not so chic clothes.
That’s when I learned, that you have clothes on several occasions and that you always feel and behave differently depending on what you are wearing.
In a pretty gown or skirt, you feel like a princess and you have to behave and sit properly so no one can see your underwear.
Wearing trousers or shorts you can climb on trees and do handstands  I fell in love with fashion as a teenager. It was then when I realize that you can slip into different roles. I liked trying different looks and hairstyles. Sometimes I looked a bit crazy 

Now, as an adult, my thoughts from then didn’t change much. Fashion is always a statement. To me, it is a way to express yourself without words. There are days when I just want a comfortable outfit, like when running errands. Then I don’t care to look pretty cause I got other thinks to care about. That doesn’t happen too much, but they're also days when I´m not feeling well and just put on a t-shirt with jeans and put my hair in a ponytail. On another day I want to wear bright colors and combine different styles and the next day I choose a sexy outfit, only because I feel like it. Of course, I dress differently when I go to work as when I go out at the weekend.
Fashion makes me happy in general. It sounds crazy and I think only females can really relate…. but coming home from a shopping spree with new items in bags just makes us happy. And also you have your favorite pieces from which you never get tired of, no matter how long you´ve already had them and even when they´re outworn you still wear them. 

3. What are you by profession and what are your interests ?

I've studied Media and Communication. Now I work in Marketing & PR for a popular newspaper in Munich. I really like my job although it can be stressful at times. Besides fashion, I love traveling and see different cultures. I hope to see as much as I can in my lifetime. I love food and movie nights  and hanging out with friends and family, going out etc …

4. Any influence from some famous fashion designers ?

Lauren Conrad inspired my looks a few years back. ( I don’t know if she counts as a designer) I really loved her effortless and natural, but really chic and classy look. I also like Victoria Beckham's style. She mostly has outfitted with one or two eye catcher but she always keeps it very clean and plain.

5. Is it hard to find your own way, own style ?

When you are younger you don’t really have your own style. In younger ages, you are still figuring out. Some people never stop figuring out, which can also be a good thing. But when you grow older you get more confident and you get to know yourself much better. You find out what looks good on you and how far you want to experiment. There will always be people who find your look trashy, boring, crazy…etc. But when you stay true to yourself you don’t care what other people think of you. At that point, that’s when you've found your own style.

I guess you have to find your basic look first. And everything else is just experimenting The most important thing is to be yourself and to feel comfortable. Some people like wearing flashy and crazy outfits others like it simple and clean. If you don’t have your own style, I personally believe that you´ll not be happy copying other people forever.

6. Have you been a part of any fashion show, exhibition so far ?

At work, we have several events where we work with designers and models. Work-related I get to see a lot of things that’s what I like about it so much. Also in September I went to Bread and Butter, a fashion trade fair which took place in Berlin, that was private with my friend. It was amazing.

7. Do you get informed from fashion channels / magazines about new things in the industry ?

Of course, I've subscribed to several magazines and newsletters. But you get informed even quicker by checking out other, bigger accounts on Facebook and Instagram. And besides, you get the biggest inspiration by the people around you: In the subway, on your way to work, while sitting in a café in the city or traveling around.

8. What kind of fashion do you prefer on the woman and on man too?

Like I already mentioned above, I like the clean and plain look. I always make sure to have one signature piece. But I´m not the kind who puts on a lot of jewelry or other accessories. I don’t even like handbags so much. Mostly I wear clutches or little bags on my shoulder. Some people may find my preferred look boring because it´s mostly similar. But that’s what I call a signature look. People will always recognize your style cause there are few things that you always repeat.   

And on men, I pretty much like the same. A nice haircut and a stubble beard look are a MUST. Everything else can be built around this two things. On guys, I like the comfortable street style a lot, as well as the combination of chic and casual. Besides, like a lot of females I love guys wearing a suit. There’s nothing better than that.

9. Can you compare European and American fashion, from your knowledge? What do you like and what do you dislike.

A few years ago I've spent a year in New York as an AuPair. When it comes to fashion the whole world looks at New York. Of course, it´s difficult to distinguish between two completely different continents. The styles I´ve seen in NY are flashy, extravagant and even brave. There’re so many different personalities with different looks, it´s amazing to see all of that. Of course, I have to add that NY is an exception and it´s not necessarily representative of America in general. I guess people who like fashion have their own individual fashion sense, no matter where in the world. The European fashion is more casual the way I see it. But that always depends on the point of view. I don’t think you can really define between American and European fashion. Especially not in times of social media because everything blurs so quick anyway.


10. Advice for young people who would like to start fashion blog / Instagram account.

It´s exhausting and hard work. Especially when you have a “real job” on top. It takes a while before you see results. And it’s a long project that never ends because it goes on and on: But it´s really fun and absolutely worth the effort. My advice is to just hang on and never loose the fun.