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Body Expression As An Art Form - Inna B-G. aka Inna Braginsky

By Radovan Nastic

December 18, 2016.

Inna B-G. aka Inna Braginsky talks about her camera experience and art.

Tell us something about growing up Inna B-G aka Inna Braginsky - teenage dreams, some things that you like to do back then.

Growing up back in Russia I have never had any career related goals or dreams when I was a teenager. For some reason, I didn't know what I wanted to study after high school graduation and what I was really passionate about. However, after high school I got enrolled in college studying economics but basically because IT was more rational and practical than anything least based on my and my parents' vision. And honestly I could not even imagine that one day I'll graduate and will need to find a job in some company and go to the office every day - I just could not imagine myself in that picture and it kind of bothered me since I wasn't sure how I would survive in that life. Never the less, when I moved to the US, I got my degree (even though I already did modeling) to close that chapter in my life. I think only at the age of 23-24 I completely realized that I was doing what I really like.

Photos by Meko

Interest in modeling - when did you realize that you want to be a model? How did it start?

It happened very spontaneously and I won't be surprised (and actually prepare myself), that it will be over the same way - as spontaneously as it started. Basically, almost by the time I moved to the US, I realized that I enjoy posing in front of the camera. It was fun and enjoyable. When I moved to the US from my native country I found myself without any native speaking people who I could practice my English with and who could help me to adjust to my new life. Also, I wanted to start doing something because by that time I hadn't decided what to do with academic part of my life. So I started replying to amateur modeling gigs and little by little I started doing it more and more. More professional photographers started paying attention to my work and later on they started paying not just attention but money as well and that's how it happened. I never even thought to start modeling to make money and I didn't have any goals of becoming a celebrity model either - I just had a desire to create and express myself.

Did you have an interest in some other form of art except modeling?

First of all, I believe that as long as you are a creative person there is an art element in anything in our life. It's not only music, literature or anything like that.

Any hobby?

I do like dancing, cooking and falling in love. I enjoy exploring the life and challenge myself by going beyond my comfort zones.

Photos By Robyn Greyson

How do you stay in shape for photo sessions?

If you asked me this questions even 3 years ago I would say it's just my natural body constitution plus relatively healthy diet. Today I actually need to keep more attention on my physical health so I work with my personal trainer and think more about what I eat and how much.

What kind of modeling do you prefer? When it comes to artsy nudity, do you think that it is still an underrated way of expression? Or maybe opposite?

I love a different kind of modeling and that's why I do such a wide range from fine art nudes to fetish and erotic. I would say for me it's very important not just to get good pictures in the end but the process itself. Sometimes the chemistry with the photographer is not there and for me, it's very awkward situation. I'm not sure if artsy nudity or any other nudity is still an underrated way of expression or not. I don't really waste my time analyzing it. But of course, I see the difference in people attitude somewhere in Europe and the US. The US is pretty much puritanical country comparing with Europe where nudity is not even a big deal.

Photos by Meko

Your first photo session. Can you recall that experience?

Yes, of course. If we are talking about my first gig it was a portrait session somewhere in Manhattan. It was fun, but honestly saying those pictures were awful. I just found those shots a few years ago and I was laughing very hard.

When it comes to making photos, do you tell some of your ideas to the photographer or do you leave everything to him / her?

Most of the time I come up with my own poses and expressions. Of course, I don't have any issues following the direction but I think I'm more valuable because I'm very creative to suggest something and work with the artist together. The best scenario is when the photographer has some sort of idea and then we naturally start developing it into something beautiful.


Tell us more about life. Your ordinary day.

The beauty of my life - I don't really have an established schedule day by day. Depends on my shoot my every day is kind of different while of course, I have things that need to be done. While modeling job takes a lot of my time (not just shootings themselves, but also scheduling, castings etc.) I spend a lot of time to be with my friends and family. We all have such a busy life and sometimes we realize that we don't see people who are important for us for months or even years. Or maybe once a year on your birthday. That's why I actually save some time during my week to spend with those who I enjoy being with.

Do you work in Europe or some other places, not the just USA? Some experience across the USA? Will you be close to Vegas in January?

I mostly work around the US but sometimes I have some international projects. Sometimes I work with people from other parts of the world who are visiting the US...And Yes, I'm planning to trip to Vegas in January.

Photos By Robyn Greyson

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Life is so unpredictable and at some point, I stopped making any plans for future...just because I'm not even sure what I'd like in 5 years. Well...I want to hope I will keep doing something what I enjoy and what brings me satisfaction, financial support...I hope I still could do modeling and acting but at the same time I'm not over-dependent on it...I'm very open to any new experience and opportunities and as long as I have a deep interest I can do pretty much anything.

 Photos By Brad Alexander

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