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Beautiful Lex - Huntington Beach native, gamer and model


January 5th, 2017

Renowned for sandy beaches and great waves, the hometown of famous athletes and musicians, this most populated city in Orange county is also a birthplace of many beautiful faces, including our own, Lex.

Tell us something about your city. Things that you like, things that you would recommend to any tourist like "a must see" place. 

Well, I'm currently in Huntington Beach, so I will always recommend the beach! But Slapfish is so amazing as well, you must eat there. Their lobster grilled cheese is unlike any other.


When did you start with modeling? First experience? How was it?

I started modeling when I turned 18. My first experience was a shoot for a bikini line and I was so beyond nervous. I still have those pics and you can tell I didn't know how to pose at all. 

You are a full-time model now. What kind of photos do you prefer to do? How much is chemistry between model and photographer important for a successful photo session? Do you sometimes give ideas to photographers about photos, or you just leave everything to them?

For the most part, I model for the artistic aspect. Half of the time I am not paid, and it's a collaboration effort. I absolutely love collaborating with other artists and seeing a different outcome, even if I contribute the same idea. It really expands your creativity. Chemistry is obviously important, and you'll be able to tell in the pics if the model was uncomfortable. It's also important so that both can contribute their full amounts and you get the most out of the session. I will always prefer lingerie modeling, as it gives me my release from daily life. Day to day, I'm actually pretty conservative with my appearance. That style modeling allows me to feel sexy and unleashes that other side of myself.

Traveling is a part of the job. Tell us something about favorite places you've been so far and why do you love those places.

I think my favorite place was actually where I just got back from, Thailand. Although I went for pleasure rather than business, I still snuck in a photoshoot here and there. It's such a beautiful country, and so full of culture that we can learn a thing or two from. Hua Hin specifically was my favorite city, it's a beach town and much less crowded than Bangkok. I highly recommend going, even if you're on a budget. It's much cheaper than the US!

Gaming. Gamer. You love to game. My knowledge about that is very poor. Can you explain, step by step, how you become a gamer? What kind of games? How does it work? Wanna knows everything, it is so interesting !!

Haha! Everyone asks me this, I love it. Well technically, when you play one game you can call yourself a gamer. However, if you're like me and can easily spend 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week playing video games, then it really earns its title. I started out very young playing the Nintendo 64, and the rest is history. Growing up with 3 older brothers who were gamers definitely influenced my early start. Now I'm really dedicated to my Xbox One, I tend to binge on one console at a time and then move to a different one. The favorite game currently is Final Fantasy XV! I am truly in love with graphics, and story driven games. I feel a lot of the experience with the game involves how much you get wrapped up in it. So my advice is just to get a console, buy a game, and explore what you like! It's all part of the fun.

Yoga. Your way of practicing yoga? 

I practice yoga at home, for the most part, I like having full control over my practice and being able to choose my meditative music (if any at all). I have trouble with balance frequently and practicing at home allows me to focus easier which in turn helps my balance. I incorporate a lot of arm balances as well as head stands and handstands, all while still maintaining gratitude to the practice. That's why I love yoga.

Dance ? Everything about that. When did you start, what kind of dance. 

I have danced since I was a kiddo, first starting as a ballet dancer and quickly realizing the structure wasn't for me. I moved into contemporary and focused on that. Once I hit high school I started to learn hip hop and mixed the two styles together. I've definitely slacked on dance the past year or two and though it used to be a daily passion of mine, I realized other hobbies that I've put my focus into. I'll still always love dance!


Acting. Any roles so far? If yes, more about it - experience from shooting, how is it to be behind camera, best & worst experience so far?

Acting! I love it so much. I took acting in high school and in college and fell in love. I came out to Los Angeles to pursue it and realistically haven't been pushing as much as I should have. I've had two TV appearances but neither were in real acting roles, only as a host and interviewee. However, I am training and I know my time will come! My goal for this year is to be in a feature film. 


Plans for 2017?

Just continue doing what I love and live life to the fullest. Oh, and eat great food!

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