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Jenna Bracewell - young and fearless


From New York Fashion Week to studying Fashion Design, this beautiful and smart woman talks about her multicultural background and her life as a fashion model.

How old are you, what is your other interest in life, other than modeling?

I am 17. One of my main interests is in Fashion. I am in my 4th year of Fashion Design.

What are you currently doing in life?

Currently, I am involved in school, modeling, fashion design and I intern at an agency.

Roots, childhood growing up. Tell me about yourself.

I grew up in a multicultural family, with Italian, American Indian, Puerto Rican and European backgrounds. I am the youngest of my siblings that I love. I have always had a very supportive and loving family, which I am blessed to have.

How did you get into modeling? Was it something you always wanted to do?

I was always interested in the entertainment industry, acting, singing and then modeling. I start in Kindergarten singing in talent shows and receiving leads in school plays, I then went on to learn to play in the school band as a percussionist. At 13 years old I got signed in Los Angeles. I have been working ever since.

Now that you are modeling, what do you do to prepare for a shoot or show?

Well I really enjoy both, to prepare for any shoot or show I get my model bag together and anything that that specific job will require.

What or who inspires you? What keeps you going?

I get inspiration from lots of things and people. What keeps me going is the person I always surround myself with that are positive who push me and motivate me to do my best and reach my goals.


What does modeling mean to you?

Modeling to me is an art form and a way to express oneself that can be used to inspire and influence others.

What are your goals? What do you see in the future for you?

Some of my goals include becoming the face of a renowned brand and collaborating with a designer I admire on a collection. I see big things in my future as I am working very hard to make my goals and dream a reality.


IG: jennambracewell
Twitter: jennabracewell
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