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Lorraine Eliassen - smart, giving, beautiful and adventurous


With Venezuelan and Norwegian background, this Houston native beauty is all about giving back to children and society. 

My name is Lorraine Eliassen aka Lorena in Spanish. First of all, I want to thank The Stratafy Group, Mr. EJ Wilson, and the director of Urban Art Nomads for giving us the opportunity to appear in this magazine, not only as strong Latinas but also as proud American citizens.

Even though I’ve been a Houston, Texas native since birth, I come from a Venezuelan and Norwegian background. Actually, both of my parents emigrated here in the 70’s/80’s and have stayed ever since. I have three half-brothers and one half-sister all from my dad’s previous relationships, and two of them live in Norway (Oslo and Stavanger). One of my favorite things to do is to travel. That probably arose from my semi-frequent travels to Venezuela in the summer where I have at least 40 extended cousins on my mom’s side. It was great to be able to speak Spanish with my family in Venezuela since most of my friends throughout my life have spoken other foreign languages. It will always be one of my favorite countries to visit besides France, and soon Bolivia and Norway I hope. Furthermore, I have always wanted to experience as many places and activities as possible. I’ve tried gymnastics, volleyball, choir, piano, ballet, jazz, flamenco and ballroom dancing. I want to learn how to play the Spanish guitar, for I love its romantic sound and how to sound mix for videos because I adore great music.  Currently, I attend a virtual high school for my senior year, work part time for a Non-Profit organization called Core Enterprises where we make and sell art pieces that benefit the local children’s hospital, and volunteer at Memorial Hermann Memorial City once a week. Some of my favorite things are thematic art, modeling, Venezuelan food, desserts, travel, beaches, action movies, all genres of music, dance, I-phones, and the Olympics.

Similar to how I feel about art, I appreciate books and series that transport me on adventures and that induce revelations about social, political, and economic issues. Some of my favorites include the Harry Potter series, Jacky Faber series by L.A. Meyer, To Kill a Mockingbird, travel topics, King Arthur, History’s political figures, Animal Farm, Diary of Anne Frank, The Giver, Divergent, The Life of Fredrick Douglas, and Night by Elie Wiesel. Right now I enjoy Adam Ruins Everything, The History Channel, The Church of Scientology with Leah Remini, Impractical Jokers, Versailles, Outlander, The Ellen show, Lucifer, Animal Kingdom, Bates Motel, Blindspot, The Royals, El Color De La Pasion, y Amo Despertar Contigo.

I always dreamed of walking in a fashion show or beauty pageant, but I never expected to actually realize it. It pretty much started to take shape when I met my friend and colleague Daniela. She had been modeling for a while and persuaded me to jump into it.

Preparing for a shoot is always a bit grueling for me because I’m a perfectionist and hold myself to sometimes unrealistic standards. It helps me to look at poses I’ve saved to practice and gather inspiration from them. I also remind myself to enjoy the experience; modeling isn’t supposed to be just hard work but also fun! Life is short and unpredictable, so it’s important to enjoy the moments.

The inspiration for my career choices originates from my Uncle that doesn’t hesitate to point out my virtues, my Naturopathic Doctor, my boss, and my dad that gives me priceless career advice. With modeling, on the other hand, the legendary Cindy Crawford, Alexis Ren, and Modelo Latina models inspire me. Immigrants, especially high schoolers that have to attend school for a full day, work full time, and complete homework never ceases to amaze me and put my luck into perspective. Even though I’m not a vegan, I believe that all animals deserve to be treated kindly and leave this earth humanely and with compassion. The Mercy for Animals Campaign has in part motivated me to eat less meat and buy humane certified whenever possible. Furthermore, anyone that has followed their dreams, worked hard with a positive attitude and spent their money wisely inspires me to reach my goals in life.

Modeling to me means telling a story or expressing a message with clothing, poses, lighting, and props. I don’t believe that a model has to be one of the most beautiful women in the world to feel empowered, confident, and gorgeous. I’ve always been a timid person, so modeling allows me to break out of my shell, and feel more comfortable with my body. Seeing the end result instills confidence not only for other modeling jobs but for all aspects of life.


Pertaining to modeling, I envision myself posing for all kinds of companies. I don’t have a specific brand in mind because I have several style preferences, however, BEBE and LULU’s are two of my favorite brands. I also like supporting small businesses! Sometimes growing companies have the best swimwear in my opinion. Shooting on location for swimwear or for a company that donates to a cause would also be a huge achievement. I can’t abandon my proud Venezuelan and Norwegian roots, so I dream of modeling for anything decent that originates from there. Walking in a fashion show gives such an electrifying feeling that makes me hope for more opportunities. Taking cooking classes or even registering for culinary school wouldn’t be out of the question either since I’m a devout foodie.


I also want to help women and men leaving long term relationships where they’ve been a stay at home parents, enter the workplace again after so many years without experience! Many times they are past their “prime” and have difficulty standing out among other applicants. Working with companies to offer them internships to practice their skills or even employment on trial would help them tremendously. On another note, I really want to travel the world extensively and buy several properties to rent out seasonally. Learning a third language is a definite goal, and my dream is to attend medical school to become a Naturopathic Endocrinologist to help patients with hormonal syndromes and disorders. I’ve also been passionate about nutrition and fitness for more than a year. My other ideas are financial planning and PR work.

Instagram: Lorena_venezuela
Facebook: Lorraine Eliassen

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