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Alexandra - Art & Beauty


A lot of my art has the theme of painful love or sweet insanity.  Two achingly bittersweet feelings.  These are all the things that make life so impossible, endlessly interesting.

I am half Chilean and half European.  Grown and raised in San Jose California.  Definitely a California girl.  I am 21 years old and will be 22 in April.

You have very interesting artwork. Can you tell us something about it? When did you start, how did you discover your talent for art?

I have always doodled and drawn for as long as I can remember.  I started pursuing it a little more seriously in eighth grade when I drew something for a class project and showed it to my sister and dad, and they said they really liked it.  That was probably the first time I ever felt like I might have something going with my art.


Going trough your Instagram account, some of your art is Surrealism. Can you give us more information about that kind of art expression?

Surrealism is the freedom to recreate the things that your mind manifests.  It does not have rules and does not need to make physical sense.  Most times one masterpiece has a different meaning to each person who sees it.


You are into drawing, too. What do you like to draw - are you very good at portraits?

There is little that is more satisfying than self-expression, and I have such vivid ideas of beauty that I want to recreate and share it with everyone.  I draw everything from anatomy to nature to irony to anything beautifully disturbing and disturbingly beautiful.  A lot of my art has the theme of painful love or sweet insanity.  Two achingly bittersweet feelings.  These are all the things that make life so impossible, endlessly interesting.


Flowers? What do flowers mean to you?

Flowers are one of those things that make a person wonder if the universe really does have an artist.  Something so symmetrical, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing must have been made by something with eyes.  Each type of flower is its own character with its own personality.


What kind of photography do you like to take?

I photograph rarities and basically anything that captures my interest. I make sure to look closely at nature because some of the most beautiful lines, colors, and designs in nature are so small you would miss them if you didn't stop to look.


Tell us something about modeling. When did you start? First photo session. What kind of photos are your favorite ones?

Most of my friends are artists so my first one was probably with one of them in high school.  I like taking photos that are elegant and classy.  I am also very inspired by pin-up fashion so I like to portray that in my fashion and makeup.

Have you had lots of photo sessions? Any fashion show so far?

I have many photo sessions with myself.  No fashion shows yet, but it's something I may think about in the future.

Who are your favorite artists and why? In all kinds of art. Painting, drawing, writing, movies, music. Sports ?

This is a hard one, I love so many!  My favorite visual artists include Tim Burton, James Jean, Christina Mrozik, John Kenn Mortensen, Jamie Hewlett, Edward Gorey, and Kukula, my favorite musicians are the Gorillaz, Flight of the Conchords, Gwen Stefani, Beatles, Tennis, Little Dragon, Eminem, Lykke Li, Chet Falker, and Lana Del Rey.


What are your priorities in life right now? 

My relationship with my loving boyfriend, all my amazing family and friends, my jobs, and my education.  All of which I am very lucky to have.

Plans for 2017.

My plans for 2017 are to continue to further my education and to make it even more amazing than 2016. I like Gwen Stefani so much because she is everything I would ever want to be as a person.  She has a perfect balance of being down to earth and a dreamer.  She is funny, smart, sweet, charming, honest, a fantastic mother, and is one of those celebrities that stayed true to who she is and didn't let fame change her or decide what she does.  In her interviews, she seems like a real person and not an egotistical celebrity.  And don't get me started on her fashion and makeup sense.  She is where pin-up meets punk in the most classical elegant way and looks gorgeous with or without makeup. She is an icon.  And her voice has a gorgeous innocent longing to it that makes me long with her.  I can go on and on about her. 



Instagram: Alexandra Rinaldo