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Adaland J - Tattoos to remember


I started out wanting to be a Princess, then decided that I wanted to act and model so I guess you could say it been a lifelong dream to do what I'm doing.

Tell us where are you from, how old are you, something about growing up.
Originally I'm from Tallahassee, Florida, but currently, I'm a Virginia woman. I'm 28 years young, something about growing up. I had a pretty good childhood nothing spectacular. I spent Fridays skating and Saturdays in the mall and movies. I grew up on horror movies. My mom was pretty awesome and we've always been really close. I guess you could say she gave me my love for horror films. We started watching movies like Nightmare on Elm St and the Leprechaun when I was around three and half


What were your childhood dreams - like, what did you want to become when you grow up?
I started out wanting to be a Princess, then decided that I wanted to act and model so I guess you could say it been a lifelong dream to do what I'm doing.

Tell us about your regular day - how does it look like.
A regular day for me is spending time with my kids, handling my social media and spending some time with my boyfriend. Family is a big deal to me so I'm generally spending time with them.


You are freelance actress and model. Let's start with acting. Have you had some role so far? If do, tell us something about it.
In 013 I had a role in a movie called Jinn. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of pretty amazing people I think for my first project it was an amazing start. I got to play a bit with some special effects makeup which was awesome.

Acting auditions - how does it look like in your case, from your experience?
As far as acting goes I work with people I know very well, I've never actually had to do an audition since they are already familiar with me and know my capabilities


Model life. How and when did you start with modeling?
I started in 2013, pretty much I decided hey I want to do this, so I reached out to Biker Babes and submitted a few snapshots and shortly after we set up my first shoot.

First experience in front of the camera? How did you feel? What kind of photos do you prefer and enjoy doing?
My first experience was for Biker babes, which later went on to be nationally published in 2015. I really don't have a preference; I think the fun thing about modeling is how you get to play around and experiment with different styles.


You could be called "inked" model. How many tats do you have? What was your first tattoo?
I have 7 currently but I'm already setting up for my next. My first tattoo was some tribal heart thing on my back when I was like 17ish

Can you tell us about the meaning of your tattoos? Are you going to do some more?
Only 4 of mine actually have significance behind them. My Left arm I got after I left an abusive relationship with the father of my children. I have 7 flowers signifying the years we spent together and then I have a few flower buds signifying that my life is just beginning. My chest says Memento Mori, which is my reminder to live life. My back says "Your designer heart still beats with common blood" a quote from my favorite movie Repo! The genetic opera, reminding me to say humbly. And then my ring finger. I was engaged last year and it was meant to signify my commitment to that relationship, unfortunately, that turned into a highly abusive relationship and he chose drug use over his future wife.

Do you work on some project right now?
I have a few shoots scheduled for this fall that I'm preparing for as well as movie I'm working on Echo Lake Massacre

Plans for 2017.
My plans for 2017 are pretty much just to grow honestly, personally and in my modeling and acting.


Instagram: Adaland Jay