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Shaded by Shay


What I like about modeling is I can show off my personality and brand with using just a few images.

I am from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Growing up, I was always the youngest among my friends and family so I grew up pretty quickly and spoiled.


I started doing makeup because I knew I needed a hustle that would make me more money, and makeup was always something I was passionate about.Being a makeup artist isn't hard for me I've practiced so much that it's become easier. The hardest thing would be dealing with so many different personalities and people in one day. Makeup is no longer something I do for fun or as a hobby, it's my career.


I started modeling when I first arrived in California, November 2016. Before my first shoot, I was so nervous that would run out of poses (silly, I know), but the photographer was actually really easy to work with and gave good feedback. It was an urban, city styled shoot and the photos came out amazing!
What I like about modeling is I can show off my personality and brand with using just a few images. The easiest thing for me is getting into character and began working.
Yes, I work at MAC Cosmetics. I love working in the beauty industry because you meet so many different people with the same passion as you. I find my clients in the mall, grocery store, anywhere! I pass my business cards out to everyone. My clients find me by social media hashtags and word of mouth.


The hardest thing about makeup and being an artist is buying and matching products to my client's needs. There are thousands of foundations and shadows out there that promise to do the same thing and I have to choose the perfect one that'll fit my clients' skin type and skin tone. Starting a makeup kit can get really expensive, but it's worth the investment in the end.
I decided to go into modeling when I had a photo-shoot in mind that I wanted to do, but I couldn't find a model. When it doubt, if you want something done, do it yourself. I am my own makeup artist for all of my shoots. I like being able to brand myself, with everything I do.


I've been published in BGEI magazine - There, I discussed more how I got started modeling and upcoming surprises for 2017. In regards to makeup artistry, my work is on the current cover of MarkzMagazine and featured in PressureMagazine.I adore modeling and makeup, but I'm more into makeup at the moment. That's where my passion has always been.
In 2017, I plan to turn my hustle into a brand and building a name for myself in this industry.

Instagram/ Twitter: ShadedbyShay_
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Photographers for the photos: IG- @Benevalt / Photosby_Kali

ShadedbyShay | Make-up Artist
SMS: 630-977-3797
San Diego - LA, California
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