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How a dream helped Isis Kahory Hernandez survive, and forgive


Isis Kahory Hernandez

Everyone dreams of a better life in the United States. Honduras is a beautiful country but it is hard to live because of the limited opportunities.

Tell me about yourself, your roots and your early childhood?
My name is Isis Kahory Hernandez, I prefer Kahory. I am from Honduras, both of my parents are from Honduras too. I grew up living with my mother until the age of 3 when she came here to the United States looking for a better life as we all call “The American Dream”. 
The truth is that I grew up in a home where there was no father or mother to whom I could talk about basic life issues, how school was or how I felt. The lady who took care of me ( my mom’s friend) basically became my grandmother. I love her because she is the most important person in this life to me. I struggled for many years to understand why my father was not there and why my mother chose to leave me in Honduras and come to the United States.

How did you feel as a little girl growing up without your mother or dad?
When I was little I was a very curious girl. I always remember Mother’s day at school and seeing all the mothers there and my mom wasn’t. I remember I was always asking my grandmother questions. She would try to answer them the best she could. She kept me busy to take my mind off all the Questions. We have a very special bond and I owe her my life. She took care of me and raised me to be who I am today when others left me alone in Honduras, one of the hardest countries for a female to grow up in. Much of what I experienced has helped to shape the person I am today. I am always conscious of my actions because I know how they can impact someone else life as well as my own.


How does it feel to be in the United States now? And you just received some good news?
Everyone dreams of a better life in the United States. Honduras is a beautiful country but it is hard to live because of the limited opportunities. When I first got here I was scared. I was at the immigration courts and I saw so many people they were deporting. I was scared because I felt one day I would be one of them. For an immigrant coming to the United States, it is very hard living day to day with the threat of being sent back any second, hour or day.
Yes!!!! I just found out a few months back that I am now a United States citizen. I just received my social security card last week. When I found out I cried for the first hour. But now I am so happy God allowed things to work out in my favor.
Congratulations Kahory
Thank you


So here it says you worked at Cima Tv as an interviewer? How was that and how did you prepare yourself for each show.

Yes, it is a Tv program in Honduras. I used to interview the artist who came on the show. I would generally research them then ask some questions from my research then ask questions about their music and future plans.

Sounds exciting! You are here in the United States now and it seems as if you are very busy? Tell us about what you have been doing?
Tv, Radio, and modeling. I have worked as an interviewer on Houston Al Dia and Azteca tv shows as a co-host doing interviews of artists. And I am now concentrating on my modeling.


Why modeling and not remaining a tv host?
Well, I think that modeling has always been one of my biggest dreams. Modeling has always been something that I liked. When I was little I would always spend time dressing up and pretending to be a famous model. I remember when I was little how I admired all the beautiful models who competed in Miss Universe. I always said, someday, I'll be there competing for that crown!
Modeling is my first love. I like dressing up and looking pretty as every other girl. Modeling allows me to tell a story through art and touch others in the process. I feel deeply about it because when I was at my lowest, my dream of modeling one day kept me focused.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
Michael Kors, Saint Lauren, Louboutin, Calvin Klein, Mark Jacobs, Tom Ford and a few local designers; Victor Renovato because of his vibrant colors and cultural pieces. I also like Danny Nguyen who makes the most amazing dresses.

If you could walk for any of these designers in a big show who would you choose?
Wow!!! I would have to go with Victor or Danny because walking for them would have more of an impact I think because they are new designers who are fighting to overcome odds and push their dreams out into the mainstream. Being a part of that process would have more value to me. I love the other designers but I feel when you tell the stories of local designers as they are happening right now, it tends to touch people and inspire them to chase their dream.

I never looked at it that way but I think you may be right. What is the last fashion show you walked in?
Houston Fashion week and Dallas Fashion week are the last shows I walked in. They were very nice.

How do you prepare yourself mentally for a fashion show?
I listen to music then think about the show, the runway, and my poses. I run the entire show in my mind to get comfortable before the show even begins.

What or who was inspires you? What keeps you doing it?
A friend of mine Daniela Boral inspired me to model. She is currently the reigning Ms. Houston Texas Latina. I think one of my inspirations since I was little, was all those famous models that I watched as they came out on the cover of magazines, how they modeled clothes for different famous stores. One of the models that I admire and I feel is the greatest inspiration for me, it's the Brazilian model Adriana Lima. My love for modeling keeps me doing it. I love dressing up and feeling pretty.

What are your goals? What do you see in your future?
To finish high school, go to college to be a lawyer so I can help other immigrants fight for a better life. And I want to become a well-known fashion model.
I look at your resume and forget that you are just a junior in high school.
I know right.


What do you do in your free time?
In my free time, I love watching movies especially science fiction. I love listening to music, I play my guitar, which is one of my hobbies! To be honest I really love to read. I have read many books like Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes, In search of lost time by Marcel Proust and others.


Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?
I would like to tell them that no matter what to never give up on their dreams and I would like to thank each and every person who send encouragement, follow my page, like my posts and allow me to share my journey with them. I love you guys!

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