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Czech beauty Anastasia Kartasieva on life in Prague


Prague is such a magnificent city with numerous charming buildings on medieval streets – I think, one should take advantage of a situation like this.

Tell us something about where are you from, about your roots.

I originally come from Western Siberia, Russia, where I used to live in a small town – the type of place where “everyone knows everyone”.

Prague - in my opinion, is the most beautiful city in Europe. Do you agree with me? What would you recommend to tourist, what is "a must see" when they are in Prague.

Prague is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and everything is quite cheap here, too.If you are ever here for the first time, a long stroll along the river is a must (well, it depends on the weather as well, of course). Otherwise, if you are more into sightseeing, the Prague Castle, which is on the UNESCO list, will be a life-lasting memory.


What are you doing in your life? Any hobbies?

I am now trying to juggle the last year of my BA studies with my job as an English-language instructor – I’ve been quite successful so far, I’d say ;)

Tell us about your dreams when you were a teenage girl - what did you want to become.

I used to dream of becoming a professional pianist. Back then I was a music school student and was pretty good (not praising myself, just stating a fact. To be honest, even trying hard to recall why I gave up that idea, I cannot remember. I guess, I just became more interested in learning foreign languages.


What kind of music/movies/art, in general, do you like? Do you have favorite artists and why?

I like art that I can relate to, in other words, there are some pieces of music/ paintings/ films that somehow manage to comprise part of me, my life and my feelings at a certain period of time. Even though I firmly believe that all forms of art have the right to exist, there are just certain works of art that are closer to the receiver, therefore, more valued by the former.

When did you start with modeling?

I started with modeling a few years ago when a friend of mine asked me to help her with a project she was willing to take part in. I remember the whole idea was to shoot Disneyland princesses style, and I was supposed to be Cinderella. In the end, when I had a look at the pictures, it occurred to me that it looked more like a random girl posing outdoors in a white wedding dress, but I had a lot of fun back then.


Tell us impressions from your first photo session. What was the feeling to be in front of the camera? Do you prefer to listen to the photographer or you like to improvise ?

I remember being cold in the first place, as the “Cinderella” photo shoot was taking place on an early-spring day (I should add here it was still back in Siberia!), but all in all, it was quite enjoyable, as all the preparations had made me feel like a real princess, being in the center of attention of passers-by, wearing amazing make-up and a very nice dress!

Photos that I've seen are outdoors. Do you prefer to do photos on the streets of Prague than in the studio?

Prague is such a magnificent city with numerous charming buildings on medieval streets – I think, one should take advantage of a situation like this. However, I don’t mind photo shoots in studios – they offer more space for creativity and are handier in terms of organization of the whole process.


What kind of photos would you like to do in future? Are you in charge of dresses and makeup?

I would like to try different kinds of photo shoots – maybe something exotic, unusual. My favorite style is glamor, though – a beautiful magazine-like picture is what I’m always striving for. I normally work in a tandem with a make-up/hair artist to create the image aimed at.

Plans for 2017?

- obtaining my BA degree, maybe applying for an MA course
- improving at what I’m doing professionally
- traveling to new places and doing the things I enjoy in order to get the most pleasure from life.

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Facebook : Anastasia Kartasheva

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