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Taylor Jade - Groove that matters


So much of it has to do with meeting the right people to get the job you want and having the social media following to get your work out there.

Tell us something about where are you from, roots, where are you from
Born and raised in LA. I never realized how much of an LA girl I am until I spent some time in Dallas last year. I don't even claim a certain part of the city because my plans seem to put me all over it, from Long Beach to Malibu. I just love all of it.


Teenage dreams? Did you ever think that you will be into modeling and MUA world?
Not at all! Growing up I've always been really quiet and hadn't really found myself yet. ANTM was one of my favorite shows, but I never believed that I could actually model myself. Back then I thought I wanted to go to law school. But then I changed my major to Business Management and decided I'd rather do something I love.

When did you start with makeup? I guess at first it was just for fun?
Back in high school, I was definitely that girl getting to school early to put on eyeliner because I wasn't allowed to wear makeup yet. Freshman year of college, I started playing with foundation and eyeshadow. Then, later on, it was eyebrows. Then I learned to contour my face. Next thing I knew I was wearing a full face of makeup every day.


When did you realize that you are talented as a makeup artist and how did you become professional one?
Whenever I'm in a makeup store or in a makeup aisle somewhere, someone always stops me and starts asking for advising assuming that I'm a makeup artist. Sometimes it'd be another makeup artist. I never really thought much of it until girls that work at MAC started asking me questions too. When I got really good at doing my own face, other girls started asking me to do their face. So it was kinda like okay I guess I do makeup now LOL. I really started to learn when I began doing makeup for other model's photo shoots. I realized that I would have to change what I do according to the lighting or the photographer's editing style.


Modeling. First photo session? Can you tell us about the whole experience?
My first photoshoot was a group shoot at the LA river. I feel like that's every LA model's first photoshoot LOL. I thought it went pretty well, and I still work with that photographer. The good part was that I never felt like I didn't know what to do in front of the camera; posing came pretty naturally to me. However, I did have to work on my face and looking less uneasy.

What kind of modeling do you prefer to do? Are you your own makeup artist during the photo sessions?
I love body art. Fashion and editorial shoots are awesome, but making art with your body through posing is why I fell in love with this in the first place. And yes, I always prefer to do my own makeup. There have been a few cases where I've gotten my makeup done for a shoot or a show and was not happy.


How hard is to become a makeup artist? How much goes to talent and how much to learning and hard work?
So much of it has to do with meeting the right people to get the job you want and having the social media following to get your work out there. I've just been trying to take matters into my own hands. I teamed up with a photographer and a creative director, and so far the shoots we've put together for models have gone really well.

When it comes to making up, your advice to girls - what's trendy in 2017?
My makeup advice is simple. Do whatever the hell you want and BLEND!


How do you stay in shape for modeling?
I literally have no idea. I despise working out and eat whatever I want, yet somehow I've been losing weight. I do plan to start working out soon though before all of that catches up to me lol.

Plans for 2017?
So many. Get my cosmetology/esthetician license... Start a YouTube channel with one of my friends... Really get my project with my photographer and my creative director started...


How can people reach you via social media?
My Instagram is @babygirlbeat and my Snapchat is @groovyybabe