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Andrea - Real Power. Real Woman



I had a lot of strong women to look up one especially my mother, who till this day I remember her telling me at a very young age to never depend or rely on someone to do anything for me.

Dear Drea, can you tell us where are you from, something about your roots?
I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. My father is Argentinian/Italian, and my mother is Mexican-American. So I guess that is where I get my exotic look from.


What can you tell us about your childhood and growing up?
My Childhood was really great to think back now. I grew up in a very loud Hispanic home so there was always something exciting going on. I had a lot of strong women to look up one especially my mother, who till this day I remember her telling me at a very young age to never depend or rely on someone to do anything for me. If you want it you go get it, I will never forget her saying to me. My father was a very hard working man as well, headstrong and very caring at the same time. So I guess I got both from them

When did you start to show interest in fitness? How did your fitness journey start?
I was always an active person I loved being outside in the sun, most of the time tanning. I would’ve said that I was skinny nor heavy but I was a little in the middle. It wasn’t until the birth of my son that I snapped and really starting changing my fitness game of trying to at least. I remember one day as I was sitting on the floor crying not happy with the way pregnancy left my body and I decided there that I was going to change. So the first thing I did was throw out everything in my pantry and fridge that was unhealthy. I told myself once I got my nutrition down and mastered I’ll go to the next step. After I mastered that I just simply starting doing body weight exercises to condition myself to the next level. The final step was hitting those weights after a while of body weight routines I hit the gym and haven’t looked back.

Can you tell to our readers difference between bodybuilding and fitness?
Here is my opinion on the two. For a bodybuilder, it’s more of a mindset that you walk into because not only are you building your body but your building your mind to stabilize or overcome or keep pushing for that extra rep or extra 10 lbs that you think you can’t do but truthfully you can. With bodybuilding nutrition has a huge role to play as well and that is really more of a mindset hurdle for most. Now with fitness, anyone can be called a fit person just by changing their daily habits to eating right and working out here and there but truthfully fitness can be achieved by all bodybuilding is only achieved by most.

You are bikini competitor. Can you tell us all about that?
Yes, that I am. True to be told I never had it in my mind to become a bikini competitor. It wasn’t until one day I was at the gym and one of the trainers that were a former competitor asked if I competed. Surprised by my remark he encourages me to do so and fast. So I took his word and a little guidance I started the next chapter of my fitness journey which was to compete. Being a bikini competitor requires a lot of time, effort, and above all sacrifice. There are times I want to eat three donuts or grab that extra bread stick but I always remember that my body is constantly under construction for not only myself but what the judges are looking for too.


Can you describe to us one bikini competition?
Since most of the competitions held in Texas where done for the year I had to look for something out of state as I wanted to complete one before the year was over. I traveled to Florida and step on the stage for the first time. I will say the rush on the stage and having formerly titled fitness icons to the industry judging me was the most intense feeling anyone could feel. I placed fifth out of 12 my first show and could’ve been happier. I learned a lot but will never forget my time on that stage.

What kind of supplements would you recommend to people who are new in fitness
I would honestly recommend the main two supplements anyone should be taking in the fitness industry which is your BCAA (branch chained amino acids) and L-Glutamine which are the building blocks for proteins. These two supplements are found naturally in our bodies but in low amounts so taking the extra supplements producing it to us at a faster pace so that we really able to benefit from it. They are slow great for fuel and recovery of our muscles.


You are a mother too. How did your life changed after you become a mother?
Oh yes, being a mother has changed me tremendously. I use to just only worry about myself and or putting myself first. Now that I am a mother my sons always come before me. He is the reason I get up every day and do what I do. The reason I work so hard on myself so that he sees how strong mommy is and can look back and say my mom was a bad ass.

Tell us your workout schedule before the competition and when you have free time out of competitions.
When I am on off season, as they call it. I really enjoy my off time I work out when I can and if I don’t get that workout in its OK. I still try to healthy but a little cheat here and there in moderation is still OK. I also try to hang out with my family and friends more as when I am training my social life comes to a halt.


Inspired to motivate. What does that mean to you? Who was motivate you during your fitness process?
Well first off you have to be inspired yourself in order to motivate or spark that inspiration into someone else find what truly moves you or give you strength and that’s your motivation. My motivation is my every day and all day is my son. I want him to be able to look up to me and think. Man if my mom can do it and she’s a girl then I can too. Also, it shows him a structure to follow when he grows in his life and how to juggle everything and still have a strong head on your shoulders.

How do you like to spend your free time? Any hobby?
I love to just sit at home with maybe some pizza, fresh baked cookies, and binge watch Netflix episodes with my sister or friends. Or if the day is nice I love just being by the pool and relaxing. One hobby I love doing is making party favor bags or centerpieces, any arts and craft will surely spark my interest.


Advice for people who would like to start with work out?
Yes, the first advice I suggest to all new gym goers or anyone wanting to improve their fitness game is to first master your nutrition. Doesn’t matter how many hours or days you spend in the gym if you’re eating habits are not downright then you’re doing it for nothing. Always remember 80% diet 20% workout

Plans for 2017
My Plans for 2017 is to obtain my IFBB pro card, then train to hit the Olympia stage and become Miss Olympia.

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