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Adela Lupse - Plus size modeling is in


It is like your castle, and you are its princess.
Nothing is more sexy and attractive than a sexy curvy & plus size woman with strong confidence in herself.

Adela, tell us where are you from, something about growing up period
I am from Romania, the west of part of the country. I grew up in a small village. I had a wonderful childhood. I am the little child from the family, with 2 older sisters. I grew up in the great family atmosphere, between helping my family with a small shop and going to school.

Teenage dreams?
Oh‚ now I can say I am living my dreams! Always I dreamed of being under the lights, talking front of the camera, I think I spent thousands of minutes talking alone front of the mirror. Dressing, undressing, doing makeup, smiling, laughing, walking, and I was always packing my bags! In my mind always I think about going somewhere :). Now I can say thank God, my dreams have come true!!
Honestly, I have one more dream but I will wait until I get it to tell you. I am sure it will come true!


How did you start to work on television and what kind of shows were you into?
Well, I started when I was in college as a reporter at a regional TV station, after I went to university and studied journalism in the big city and I went to a casting for a reality show. They chose me‚ and with happiness in my heart, I moved to Bucharest. After this, I was in another casting for a TV host. I got this job and I was a TV host for almost 2 years for a game show, every day live. It was one of the greatest times of my life! From then I can say I fell IN LOVE with television. One love never ending! It's an amazing feeling! 


Plus size modeling. When have you decided to go into that world and promote plus size models?
This is another story ‚ my life is full of stories. I will start at the beginning.When I was 15/16 years old I weighed 99 kilos! At that time I didn't pay attention to how I looked, I was wondering if I am being smart is enough!
Well after I woke up, I keep dieting, eating nothing...and I lost 30 kg, at 18 years old I weighed just 65 kilos. But I wasn't happy, no energy, no lust for life no nothing. Then I started again to eat normally because I felt I needed it! And after I again got up to almost 90 kilos, I said to myself: Adela, you have to find the right way, the balance. And I chose to start doing exercise.
And when I saw I could eat right and exercise and my body was great, good energy, good mood, I said to myself, this is the secret.
After all this, I started getting more confident. I wore my body like a castle. I started to love it.
I start appreciating every part of it. And 2 years later I started applying for as a curvy & plus size model to agencies all over: France, Belgium, and Holland, Germany.
For 1 year nothing happened. Nothing real, only talks, until one nice lady from the Fashion moves agency in Belgium, contacted me and invited me to a casting. I went, and here I am‚ proud of myself, thankful for who I am.
Thank you, Karin!


What is considered by plus size model?
Curvy & plus size models are a new style and the new must have in 2017.
If you are confident with yourself, love yourself like no other, and then you are fantastic.

What is most important when it comes to the psychological aspect of plus size models?
It is very important to know your body, accept it and love it.
It is like your castle, and you are its princess.
Nothing is more sexy and attractive than a sexy curvy & plus size woman with strong confidence in herself.

Are you a full-time model? I've seen some photos from fashion shows. Tell us more about them.
Right now I am not a full-time model, because I have my TV show, Jewelry TV, in Romania, and I'm on TV live every day. So these days I don't have much free time to be very active in modeling too. But I try my best to go to the photo shoot, castings and all events where I can be

Your favorite way to express your self-confidence as a plus size model?
My favorite way is my personal way. I do and I act as I feel. In my opinion, a woman must be strong and sexy, confident and beautiful, body activist and independent. And in future I would love to organize a conference for curvy & plus size women, learning and developing ideas that can help women in whatever way they need!

Do you have any hobby?
Yes!I love music, I like the theater and enjoy watching movies I like traveling, I like reading good books, personal development books, I really enjoy exercising, and I like designing prints, I like coming up with new things always. Life is too amazing not to live it as it is.

What kind art do you like? Music, movies, books?
I like looking at a painting, buildings, new architecture, new culture, all that bring news & knowledge is welcome in my life.


As a former TV person, what do you like to watch on television?
I love my TV show, Bijuterii TV, (Jewelry TV) which I host because it gives normal women a chance to buy jewelry at the best prices, and this makes me happy!
I like to watch talks by people who have the power to inspire others. I'm always working on developing myself as a mindful person, and I'm sure I will never end!

Give some advice to a plus size models in States.
Dears, love yourselves as much you can.
If you want to go too far with something then let it love you.
Be proud of your body, you belly, your cellulite, your big ass. Be confident, if you are confident with yourself, all the world with love you.
Try to live every day like it's a wonderful day, the best day of your life.
Be the best in what you do.
Be number one in your life!

 Plans for 2017.
* To be the best in my TV career.
* To make every day my happiest day.
* I will keep working on photo shoots, casting and catwalk modeling; I want to be the most inspiring international curvy model from Romania.
* Promoting more and curvier & plus size body confidence.
* Creating a big and bold conference for curvy & plus size women from Romania and beyond.
* To love myself more than ever.
* To focus on my life and work it to make it the best I can be!

Instagram: @adelalupsemodel
Twitter : adela_model
For bookings: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.