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Kamina - beauty and style


I have always been a diva and my fashion sense was more fit for the city than the country. I would be the girl to show up to bonfires in what others would consider their Sunday best.

Tell us something about growing up. Where are you from, for how long are you in Seattle
I grew up on the Kitsap Peninsula just West from Seattle across the Puget Sound. I've been in Seattle for a year now studying at the University of Washington. I'm here as long as school keeps me here.



When did you start to be interested in modeling? Tell us more about your first photo session - how did you feel, expectations from that photo shooting, what kind of photo session that was?
I'm not sure the exact time I became interested in modeling, perhaps when I first watched runway models is when modeling really came to mind. I really started getting into modeling at the beginning of February, this year. It hasn't been very long. My very first "photo session" that I can remember at this time was for a pageant. I don't remember if I had done any photo shoots prior to that. It was quick, simple, but I never got to see the photos. I didn't have high expectations for the photo shoot, in fact, I didn't really have any.

So far, what was your favorite photo session?
It's hard to pick just one favorite because each session is unique, there has been something memorable about every one I have done.


Have you ever been a model at some fashion event? If yes, tell us your experience
No, I have not yet been a model at a fashion event. A friend has been trying to work me into fashion events so I will hopefully soon get some time.

How would you describe your fashion sense? Are there any models that inspire your look?
For Seattle, I would say my fashion sense is amazing. I really look up to Micah Gianelli's style, it's very glam and out there but modest. I also love Rihanna's style. Other than that I don't have a specific model I look up to for fashion sense. I like to make up my own thing and pick and choose.


How has your modeling experience been so far, and what are your goals as a model?
My modeling experience has been great, recently I have been more focused on school so my modeling agenda has been cut down. As for goals, I would really like to be an official published model in a famous magazine like Vogue, or CoverGirl.


Aside from modeling, how do you spend your time in Seattle
I'm a full-time student, I mostly study, attend classes and think of business plans. Other than that I enjoy my time with friends, family, fashion, and/or food.


What do you love about Seattle? What would you recommend to visitors from all over the world, what is a must see?
Let me tell you a small story... I grew up in the small town of Kingston, WA. It's situated on the Kitsap Peninsula not too far from where my family resides now. Kingston, Suquamish, and Poulsbo are my homes, I grew up in each town. Kingston is a farming town, our neighbors and family friends own a farm with cattle. The nearest mall is Silverdale, only in recent years did we get new shops. When asked "what's to do around here?" I don't have much to say. This area is quiet and not nearly as busy as Seattle.

Before I moved to Seattle I always had the idea that I wouldn't like living here. It's a big scary city that I'm not used to. The streets are loud, they're littered with garbage, there are many people, and it smells. I would always tell my friends and myself "I could never live here, I prefer the country to the city" when in reality I didn't actually fit in back home.

My family is of African and East Asian descent. Up until recently, we were one of the few black families in North Kitsap. Thanks to the naval base we see more diversity now but when my mother, uncles were growing up it was basically just them and my grandfather, they were the black community. The other reason I don't quite fit in back home is the way I dress. I have always been a diva and my fashion sense was more fit for the city than the country. I would be the girl to show up to bonfires in what others would consider their Sunday best.

So what do I love to about Seattle? In a sense I "fit in", my fashion sense is more appreciated, there are lots of new people to connect with, new stories, new things to see but most importantly... the city lights at night are gorgeous. Driving into Seattle at night still leaves me dazzled and awestricken and I've been in and out of Seattle tons of times now.

Are there any other forms of art that you like? If yes, which one and why?
I used to be an artist, I would mostly do sketches of animals and cartoons but I appreciated the arts as a whole. There isn't necessarily one form of art I love more than the other if the piece is amazing.


Plans for 2017
My plans for 2017 are simple, get through school, better myself, meet new people, and make new friends.


Personal - kaminamina
Other - cafe.lingerie

Snapchat: minamu

Twitter: Kamina Flemming