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Lyanka - celebrating the Art



The male form is beautiful in its own respective sense too, but I think any photographer can agree that female anatomy just has too much to explore. And it's raw. It's completely real.

Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up?

I've been in the Bay Area of Northern California my entire life-THANKFULLY close enough to San Fran where the real action is. Antioch, (my hometown) - very suburban, a little rough around the edges, but hey, it built character.

What were your childhood / teenage dream? What did you want to become?

I was always a pretty imaginative little kid- making an impact as some kind of figurehead was, and is, important to me. Being high-power creative changed life goals constantly from sketch art to music, to writing, modeling, and so on.

Any idols during the teenage period?

At 15 I was completely in love with Brody Dalle of The Distillers. The woman can rap like no one's business - and rock a ripped Misfits tee shirt and pumps in a way no one else can.


When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session?

It just came naturally. I'd be out with my budding photographer friends and start to move in a way that made them want to capture a moment, an angle, something. My friend Hilary was the first to really start to use me as a subject- and I just loved taking direction. I loved being the instrument for someone else's vision. It's a powerful collaboration some either find flow with or don't.

Have you worked with some modeling agencies or you are your own boss?

I haven't! Currently selling myself left and right!

Your first photo session? How was that experience?

Again, wonderful. She's a true visionary. :)

Can you tell us about your favorite place for a photo session /so far/?

Nature. The contrast of movement with what you can do to what you're surrounded by. There's you, and also crashing waves. Or sunlight dripping from the trees, and you.

You are into nude art photos too. Can you explain to our reader's nude art from your point of view?

Freeing. I don't think I have nearly as good of a time when not naked. The male form is beautiful in its own respective sense too, but I think any photographer can agree that female anatomy just has too much to explore. And it's raw. It's completely real.


There is still some kind of stigma when it comes to nude art. Why is that, what do you think?

Because an enormous chunk of the entertainment industry depends on keeping over-sexuality alive- human instinct turned invaluable product. It really is unfortunate, because it can produce the worst kinds of people posing as professional artists.

What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start modeling career?

I'm right there with you guys!! So far I've learned to be as discerning as possible. Make friends with informative professionals, and ask them even the tiniest questions. Your safety is always your first priority!


What kind of art, in general, do you like?
Modern, fine and abstract art for sure. I've wanted to replicate old Pre-Raphaelite paintings for a very long time. Any takers hit me up!

Any hobbies?

Too many!! Holistic healing, spiritual readings, poetry, music, THIS. Christ, you name it.

Plans for 2017?

Relocating to Portland, trying to incorporate everything into a sustainable life. :)




Aging Anthelion

I scattered at the apex
of the dream; that white
crash of the age a bulb in flash for
all us dim pursuers.
My contents keep their blessings,
hot a mess of forfeit coaxed
to rose oil, soaked with constant
contraction of concept…
unfurled peonies pink navel
Maine coon bore no more in
subjugation than an aeon
before Christ; Textural in tandem
in the thrush thrash of your briared lobe
thus far, I find some luxury.
Until the close of the air’s
crocus clasp, I’ll ask for patience
of shades of minutes for
forest-fire focus and the mien
of a girl in gaining.

Pro Memoria

Boy Burnish Saturn Golden composition-
I should’ve kept the text to revisit what
apologies look like.
It read much like how I’d imagine the
unsung penance of the Missile Crisis
wrung in poor Camelot’s brain,
baby young in term, but, y'know,
sextiled up to your own elegaic
If I ever see you- raw vine,
wet ducts-I’ll think to offer
some small peace
maybe I’ll be sitting on my
porch one night all residual kilter
stoned advances in league with
the still of the street I’ll see you,
I-but, sorry haven’t decided
if you’ll see me. You haven’t yet
left the poorly filtered transit in
our synastry.
Sputtered dialogue I remember loving
your deliberate dissections,
God, especially drugged,
weevil Libran Concept.
I say model it, tie the inflection
to an upright root a leg you’ve made
yours-water your volume
Spread heart beneath
the city.
You owe it one or a thousand.

Model Mayhem

9th alpha virgins