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D'Arocha - Nomad charisma


I originally come from Indonesia. My parents used to move from place to place consistently or we call it "nomad", due to this, I grew up in multiple regions.



Photo by Bred Sharples                                                                                                                            Photo by Vince Williams

Tell us something about your roots and growing up. 

Only around a year and a half ago, we moved to the States. I would consider my childhood to had been a nice one. I was just like other kids. Playing tirelessly, making our parents got a headache and sometimes a heart attack because of our heroic actions. When I was around 7-10 years old, I used to jump from my 6'5" wardrobe to the bed, climbing my room door with scarfs to get through the window above it which made me got a punishment being locked in a room by my mother, instead reflecting what I had done, i took a bobby pin and used it as a lockpick to unlock the door, and I DID escape the room. Without a doubt, I was inspired by Mission Impossible movie at that time.


photo by Ready Ridho                                                          Photo by Alex Filippides


During the teenage period, what were your interests ? Did you have any hobby back then ?

I have always loved art since I was a kid. Drawing/painting, listening to music, taking photographs, crafting, singing, and reading a book or article.


Any teenage idols ? 

My mother, grandfather and Adriana Lima! They still are and will always be!


Photo by Alex Filippides


When did you realize that you could / should try to become a model ?

 Honestly, i have no idea when. It just happened.I remember my first time modeling was in around 2011 when my classmates chose me to be a model of our class. That time, the school held a catwalk modeling competition, each class had to provide 2 models (a female and a male) and we would walk on the stage in a couple. No, we didn't win. We made a scene. My right strap sandal suddenly broke in the middle of the catwalk, so I dragged it all the way back.

Photo by Vince Williams

The judges definitely noticed it. I walked like I broke my leg instead of my sandal. Then, my partner. He wore a scarf. He's supposed to wear it on his neck, but he swirled it around his head and mouth and walked abruptly, he looked like he's a part of a terrorist group. Seriously. Some judges and several audiences face palmed during our turn. Lol.


 Photo by Brad Sharples                                                                                                                           Photo by Werner Lobert

I also remember I joked to my friends that someday I would be an international model in the US. They were like "Whatever! Lol." All of sudden, I really did become a model after I posted a couple photos of myself for fun, a photographer after photographer offered me shootings, I had opportunities working with multiple international photographers, and actually moved to the US! I didn't have any plan moving here years ago, not even in the middle of 2015. God changed my life greatly in that year. I feel so grateful for what I have been experiencing.


Photo by Vince Williams                                                                                                                             Photo by Brad Sharples


Can you recall your first photo session ?

The first photo shoot was in early 2015. It went awkward. I was super nervous. Didn't know what I had to do at all. As a shy & introverted girl, being photographed by a foreigner for the first photoshoot ever was difficult for me. Thankfully, the photographer was understanding and his calm personality helped me to feel a bit more comfortable shooting with him. He was very professional as well.


You are very selective when it comes to genre / style of photography. Do you have favorite photographers and if do, why those people ?

I'm very selective with who I work with. I love many photography styles even sometimes the eccentric one. But, some photographers miss delivering the message of their artworks (in my opinion) which makes them appear.. "interesting."

photo by N I E L S 

But again, art is subjective. And yes, I have favorites photographers. I am blessed to be able to work with lovely photographers who some of them are actually my favorites, but now I'm going to mention some others whose works I hugely admire. Daniel Tjongari and cx image. For me, their work is the true definition of Fine Art. And some glamour-portrait photographers, Kyoung Kim and Sean Archer. Elegant, classy, not to mention their lighting game, fantastic I know!

What kind of art do you like, besides photography ?

Sculpture, painting, etc. I love all kind of art, except opera, really.


Photo by Alex Filippides


What do you think about modern art ? Are you more into realism or abstract art ?

Modern Art is an art that artists try to convey their ideas in an experimental way. I find it quite fascinating. I am more into Realism Art.


How do you spend your free time ? 

I spend most of my free time by playing a video game. Lol. I love video games especially the horror ones. And when I'm in the mood, I go out and take some landscape photographs.


Photo by Brad Sharples

Favorite movies / music ? 

 Horror movies such as paranormal activity, and for music, it would be around Chill Out/Deep Sax/Electronic genre music, like Cafe del Mar.


Your goals for the next 5 yrs ?

 Running my own company, moving to Chicago, and becoming an independent, mature and successful person. Therefore, I could fully support my family. :)

Instagram : @anonym.official