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Kasia's Beautiful World


Kasia was born in Pabianice, Poland a city close to Lodz in central Poland. Her passion for adventure, travel, and fitness started at an early age.
After studying fine arts in college, Kasia decided it was time to see the world beyond her native Poland. At the age 24, she decided to move to the United States to learn English, see the country, and pursue her passion for art.


Focusing on abstract and mixed media, Kasia showed her work at various Los Angeles galleries and private shows. She quickly realized that her real interest lied in Photography. Kasia developed her craft on her own focusing on fashion photography, architecture, fine art, and exotic travel destinations.
Fitness remained her first love and lifestyle since the age of 13. Her exercise routine consists of running, weight training, and consistent classes with her personal trainer. Over the years many people have recommended she compete in fitness competitions but Kasia never pursued that avenue.
Today her determination, passion, and creative nature have her photographing some of the world’s most exotic destinations. Kasia lives on the beach in Los Angeles, California.


When you arrived from Poland to the USA, what was your impression of the art scene in Los Angeles?
Arriving in Southern California and discovering what the Los Angeles art scene had to offer was an eye-opener. Coming from Eastern Europe to the west coast lifestyle, you immediately feel the influence of the beach communities, the freedom of expression, the attachment of the entertainment industry, whether the art is whimsical or thought-provoking, it meshed well with the LA lifestyle sensibilities as opposed to the political and religious overtones of Eastern Europe, I was seeking freedom of expression and within the City of Lights, I found it.



Can you compare European abstract art and the American way? Which one is closer to you?
I feel European abstract tends to lean towards the darker side of self-expression while the American artist's point of view may have much more variations whether it be the artist's inner turmoil or his view of the outside world. I feel a certain sisterhood with my fellow artists here in the US as I have embraced this freedom of expression in a more liberal-minded form of expression.

What kind of art did you show on exhibitions? 
My art has grown and transformed with time as my life evolved as well.
My imagination is a leading driving force in my life and influences on almost everything I do. It has always been the most natural and easiest way for me to express myself.
From an early age, I have found Art fascinating. Art allows me to transform images in my mind into something tangible. The ability to convert imagination into reality felt always natural.
From the anxiety and excitement of coming to the US to finding calm in fulfillment later on in life, my art tends to mirror my inner feelings and thoughts.




When it comes to photography, what is your goal? Did you have some photo exhibition so far?
As I collect photos from around the world, a photo exhibition of my travels may not be too far in the future. My goal is to showcase the many different cultures, colors, and aesthetics of the countries I visit.
When I began working on my photography portfolio I first started from test shoots with makeup artists, wardrobe and hair stylists and starting actors and models. I was in charge of choosing the team, in control of the creative direction toward the planned theme and responsible for the outcome.
I always plan everything with details however readiness and spontaneity are needed as well to get the most out of your session. You have to have a confidence in yourself and get out there with a vision and make it happen.


Cartagina, Columbia & Opera House, Sidney, Australia

There are so many photographers in LA, is it hard to find a way to present your work?
There is a lot of competition when it comes to exposing your work whether you are an artist or photographer or both and there are many of those variations in Los Angeles which cater to a large artist community. As long as you focus, persevere and stay original to your first ideas, you can get noticed, don't follow the pack and eventually, the pack will find you.....


Rome & Venice, Italy

Do you think about fitness competitions because lots of people tell you that you should try it?

I have always been into fitness and health conscious about my diet. Only recently was I able to transform my body into the shape I am in today. As much as I knew about being healthy and working out, it takes a trainer to guide you along the right path. A fitness competition would be secondary to me and possibly gratifying for all the work I put into it, but my goal primarily is to take care of my body, push the limits ever so slightly and help others do the same, if that leads to a competition, so be it, but I am not looking to compete with other women, I am looking to help them as I help myself.


 Melbourne, Australia                                                                                         

Tell us about places that you have visited so far. Also, what place was the most interesting for you and why?
I have three favorite places I have seen so far:
1. Great Ocean Road, Australia.
If you visit Melbourne and long for a road-trip with spectacular views, Great Ocean Road is the best place to be! Waves, limestone rocks, cliffs, gorges, forested roads along the coastline. The journey to the 12 Apostles via the Great Ocean Road is magnificent and breathtaking.
2. El Nido, Philippines - One of the most amazing places in Asia where you can experience gorgeous lagoons, tropical weather, stunning views of large rock formations, cliffs, white sand beaches & crystal clear waters.
3. Venice, Italy - One of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Italy with so much diversity thanks to the many types of architecture styles throughout the centuries. I love photographing Architecture so Venice felt like a dream to me, making me feel so alive.


Taiwan & El Nido, Philippines 

 Do you  have a list of the places that you would like to visit and do photography?

Yes, Greece without skipping Hydra, Sicily (planning for this summer), Vietnam, Peru, and Madagascar. I will continue photographing art, people, architecture and culture from around the world, ancient and modern world.


Venice, Italy

Instagram: @kasia_gab

Instagram: @kzg1111