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Cristina - fashion and beauty

Most of the time I'll be the one telling the photographer what my ideas are but also listen to theirs. I like to always do something new and creative, something different. I style all of my own shoots, as well as do my own hair and makeup and come up with my own poses. I guess I would call myself a creative director that models her own ideas


 Tell us something about your roots, growing up - teenage dreams, some things that you like to do back then.

Well I guess my roots are Romanian, Greek, Italian, born in Romania & raised in Canada. As a kid I was in taekwondo, got my black belt when I was 8 so i spent a lot of time doing that..I also spent a lot of time competing and did gymnastics for a couple of years.
Throughout my adolescent years, I never really fit in anywhere. I was always bullied and an outcast... I spent many years struggling with depression and never feeling like I fit in anywhere. I always thought there was something wrong with me. It wasn't until my last year of high school that I reunited with my best friend (and now business partner), that we teamed up (because she had gone through similar) and we said f**k everyone and did our own thing. After high school we went our own way together and I have found a purpose and have a very positive mindset now. I now understand I have a higher purpose in this life and I was never meant to fit in with the crowd. Now that I'm older and understand this, I'm happy I never fit and chose to go down my own path. I do not regret anything in my past as I have gained so much wisdom from all my struggles.


 Interest in modeling - when did you realize that you wanna be a model ? How it started ?

I remember when I was 7 my parents asked me what I wanted to do when I was older and I told them "model, actress, singer...or all". I knew I wanted to do something bigger. Growing up I absolutely loved fashion, clothing, shopping etc. I always played computer games where you could be a virtual designer.. or id play barbies, dressing them up or playing dress up by myself and trying on all my clothing creating different outfits.. My parent would always got mad at me for always having a messy room. When I finished high school, i took a course to become a personal trainer and at that time I began to learn about internet marketing and social media businesses. I wanted to get into fitness modelling so I could start social media marketing and create a youtube channel. In late 2015, I quit my job at the gym I used to work at to start my own business. That didn't work out due to having a lack of space and I ended up meeting a photographer that connected to my current agent. Shortly after I began modelling and acting and over the last year and a half I've found a new direction that lead to what I'm doing today.

Do you have interest in some other form of art except modeling ?

Absolutely, I love art and I believe art is in everything and anything. I currently do background acting, but plan to start auditioning for speaking roles. Aside from that, my best friend and I have our on youtube
channel so I'm a content creator. I also love music, it's not something I'd pursue at the moment, but I might take some singing lessons one day and give it a shot. I also have found a new love for makeup and photography.

Any hobby ?

To be honest, my hobbies are my work and my work is/are? my hobbies. I make an income from doing the things I love. Modelling, acting, social media marketing (youtube/instagram), business projects...I am always working on something in my free time.


 What kind of music and movies do you like ?

I mainly listen to hip/hop & r& name a few, Big Sean, Drake, Akon, Nicki Minaj (real nicki, not the mainstream stuff), NAV, Cardi B, 6lack and waaay more. I'm constantly finding new songs and artists to listen to.
I also like a little bit of EDM like trap and future/tropical house. I don't really watch to many movies but a couple favorites are "taken", "wolf of wall street", "the hangover" and"the notebook" (the odd time I'm feeling soft).

 How do you stay in shape for photo sessions ?

As I mentioned above, I used to be a personal trainer so I acquired a bit of knowledge on fitness and diet. I stay fit by going to the gym and eating a proper diet. I also like to go for walks and do yoga.

 Tell us about your work in media and internet marketing service ?

I started learning about internet marketing about 2 years ago, but it wasn't until the last 6 months that I began to really expand my knowledge on the subject and put a solid effort in to it. I just very recently started working with brands on Instagram. My best friend/business (@alexandrianicolexo) partner & I have launched a youtube channel and brand called "twinbillions". Our youtube is linked to our account @twinbillions.

 Twin billions ? Tell us more about that ?

 Twinbillions is @alexandrianicolexo's & I's brand/youtube that we started. When we were 12 we used to have sleepovers and stay up all night drinking energy drinks and filming our selves on my old laptop with the web camera.. we'd just goof around, dance around and talk as if we were hosting a talk show. We knew from that age we wanted to start a youtube channel one day. We have both been through a lot stuff that we know other people have gone through or are currently going through, so we started our channel to make videos in hopes of helping and enlightening people. We're starting off it off like a talk show/chit chat time and will be posting video's and podcasts weekly. We plan on doing skits and incorporating our humour to make people laugh.


 When it comes to making photos, do you tell some of your ideas to the photographer or do you leave everything to him / her.

Always! Most of the time I'll be the one telling the photographer what my ideas are but also listen to theirs. I like to always do something new and creative, something different. I style all of my own shoots, as well as do my own hair and makeup and come up with my own poses. I guess I would call myself a creative director that models her own ideas.


 Your ordinary day looks like ... ?

I don't really have a set "daily routine" but I guess i have a "regular routine".
I work weekend nights so unless I'm working on a movie/tv show set, I usually have a few days off during the week. I like to go to the gym in the morning and then I do what I need to do that day. Alexandria and I live together so we're either filming/creating content, editing, coming up with ideas for youtube videos and photoshoots, doing photoshoots, working on our social media page "twinbillions" or I'm working on my own. On top of that I'm also answering emails and connecting with people on social media...and then there's always errands and not-so-fun adult stuff.


 How do you see yourself in 5 yrs ?

I could give you a list of things I see myself doing in 5 years, but I want to keep my bigger goals personal right now. I'm working on some things and I prefer some people don't know my business. From past experience I have found out that when too many people know your goals, it generates envy and negative energy, so I prefer to keep as much as I can personal although I have chosen a career to be visible in the public eye. All I can say is, I see myself a lot further & if you're really interested, just keep watching.

 Links where people can find your work and contact you.

Instagram @cristinaxbercea
Brand Instamgram @twinbillions
Youtube TwinBillions