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I am originally from Jacksonville, North Carolina a marine base "Camp Lejeune". I am Filipino and black and my previously lived in New Haven, Connecticut and Silver Springs, Maryland before moving to Atlanta, Ga. I am an only child with a God sibling who passed away from gun violence. I've been modeling since I was 18 with my first publishing being in "Hotlanta Magazine" as a hair model. Years after I started urban modeling and now I'm breaking away from that and doing lifestyle modeling and lingerie model, but only lingerie because I own my own lingerie line called "CaressByManila". I am a criminal justice major, and I'll be obtaining my bachelors in Criminal Justice May 2018. I already have my Assocoates of Applied Science of Criminal Justice, I am apart of the American Criminal Justice Association, I am a Notary of the public, and I just received my certificate of appreciation from PETA. Upon graduation I wanted to work with juveniles as a juvenile probation officer or counselor. I also have my dealership license and I flip cars as well! 


What was your childhood / teenage dream ? What did you wanna to become ?

My childhood/teenage dream was to become a criminal defense attorney, an actress, than a rapper lol I had a lot of dreams. I just wanted to become successful and live a happy wealthy lifestyle. 


Any idols during the teenage period ?

My idol was and is Queen Latifah

When did you start with modeling ? Can you recall your first photo session ?

I started model at age 11 when I first attended Barbizon Modeling School and I remember during my first photoshoot the photographer called me the next Halle Berry.

Being a curvy model. Can you explain to us standards when it comes to "regular" models and curvy ones.

I believe that in urban modeling curvy models are glorified but we are expected to be half naked and super sexy ass the time versus super models and high end modeling they aren't over exposed, their pay is high and have more opportunity to venture off into other things. They're respected more!

You have very classy look. How do you manage to stay classy during the every photo session - from lingerie to high class ones ?

I manage to stay classy by telling the photographer I want my images to be tasteful. I don't want to bust it open or look as if I'm doing soft porn!


You have done a lots of lingerie and swimsuit photo sessions. Favorite one ?

My favorite one is swimsuit!

Curvy & in shape. How do you manage that.

My weight fluctuates and I'm always walking my dogs three times a day, I'm always on my feet walking around, cleaning up my house, shopping or going from class to class!

What would be your advice to young curvy girls who would like to start modeling career ?

My advice would be to not do anything you don't want to do. Don't sell yourself short, don't ever feel as if you have to sleep with someone because you control your destiny. Invest in yourself as far as photoshoots "quality ones", hair, makeup and wardrobe! Also have a plan as far as what kind of model you want to be, your goals in the industry and what do you expect!

Tell is more about your business when it comes to lingerie & bodysuits?

I own a lingerie line and I got into selling lingerie because living in Atlanta there are few stores that sell lingerie and the lingerie that they do sell is all the same. Victoria Secret is too pricey and I love being sexy and felt like since I already model I could wear my own lingerie and sell it! 

Plans for the rest of 2017 ?

I am pregnant and this is my second to last semester before I graduate so I plan on being stress free so I can have a healthy baby, staying on-top of my school work and not fall behind so I don't fail a class and continue to try and sell these cars! 


Social media accounts so people can see your work.

Instagram @madeinmanila

lingerie @caressbymanila 

Instagram for my cars @steadfastcashcars