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Romane - sophisticated beauty

Start modeling for the good reasons. If you start it for fame, you won't get succeed. When you are a model you have to be humble. If you start to solve a lack of self-confident, go!


1. Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up.
I am a French girl who grew up in west of France. One half of my family is parisian and the other one comes from Brittany. I always been living in France.

2. What was your childhood / teenage dream ? What did you wanna to become ?
Well, children have so many dreams... When I was a child, my dream was to become a singer. I rapidly gave up this idea because I sang off-key. During my teenage period, I wanted to work in diverse fields : I wanted to become a journalist or even a Make Up Artist because I've been interested in beauty for several years.

3. Any idols during the teenage period ?
I was crazy about German music, I listened to Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre (shame on me!). However, they got a good influence on me because I saw life differently and I became more tolerant towards people with different ways of thinking and different fashion styles.


4. When did you start with modeling ? Can you recall your first photo session ?
I started modeling in 2016. Oh yes... it was a disaster! A photographer contacted me on Facebook because he looked for some new faces. I did not hesitate. We went to a park to do the photo session. The settings were perfect but I didn't know how to posture in front of the camera. The photographer guided me for everything.

5. Can you tell us about your favorite place for a photo session /so far/.
I don't really have a favorite place... I like photo sessions in studio, outdoor... But if I have to tell you a place, it would be a beach with a sunset. I did a photoshoot with that type of scenery that summer and it was a great experience!

6. Your most interesting photo session ?
All of my photo sessions are interesting because I learn everytime. Each photographer has some advice to give me. In that way, I can improve not only in posturing but also in exchanging with people.


7. Who is in charge for yours Make up and hairstyle ?
I do my Make up on my own. I learnt make up by myself and thanks to Beauty tutorials. I only trust myself for that because I know what kind of make up look good on my face. I remember one anecdot! I had a fashion show for a fashion brand and the Make Up Artist wasn't a good one and I had to retouch myself my make-up. When you know how make up works, you can't help yourself saying that one thing doens't look good on you...
Concerning the hairstyle, I straight my hair most of the time (fastest and easiest way to brush it). But if I have a specific photo session or if it is for a catwalk, a hairdresser is in charge of it.

8. What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start modeling career ?
Start modeling for the good reasons. If you start it for fame, you won't get succeed. When you are a model you have to be humble. If you start to solve a lack of self-confident, go!

9. What kind of art in general do you like ?
In general, I love cinema, music. Make-up is an art to me too.

10. Any hobbies ?
I have so many! But if I have to sum up : I'm keen on history (especially WWII), photography (obviously). I am also crazy about languages. My mothertongue is French, but I try to always improving in English that I've been speaking for ten years and in Russian, that I've been learning for three years. And like most of the girls, fashion!

11. plans for the rest of 2017 ?
I achieved all my goals for 2017. My main projects are especially for 2018 : to graduate for my Master's Degree and do an internship in Russia for my studies.

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Instagram : @romanewunder

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Pierre Bernard Fourny (fb page : pibefou)

Dadu Phoenix

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