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2017 has been treating me pretty fair. I got a job and started my college this year. Actually, this is not my first job nor college, but at least they are in the United States. Because of them, I can hardly set up a schedule for photoshoots. However, I'm grateful I was still able to work with some wonderful photographers. In early 2017, I worked with one of the loveliest photographers I have ever met, Michael Maxfield or also known as Maxfield Photography. We shot nude in the snow. This is the craziest shoot I have ever done so far. I stripped my clothes when the temperature was below 0 Celsius degrees. When I was completely naked playing with snow, the shoot survived for only around 5 minutes. Lol. I started not to be able to feel my feet anymore and I could hardly put on my own boots. So, the photographer carried me back to his car with the heater on and a cup of hot chocolate. That was really fun, though.


I also shot with a very kind photographer I worked in 2016, Vince Williams. I have shot him multiple times now. He always provides the properties and wardrobes more than I do apparently. I feel ashamed as the model. Lol. My favorite one was the motorcycle shoot. It's something different for me. Then, I worked with the master of shadow, RoJo or known as Art of RoJo on Instagram. He has an eye for details. His ability to capture the light and shadow is spectacular. I silently want to be his photography student. If he opened a photography class, I might sign up. After him, I think it's Viktor Matthews who crazily drove from San Francisco, CA with his BMW car to Charlotte, NC. Do you know what's the conclusion? He shot a lot of butts during that trips.. including mine. By the way, I got some polaroids with him which I had never done before. And he made me appreciating my peaches more than usual. Good thing. Then, Mr. Aaron visited NC. We shot in the car, a parking lot, and a cafe. It was a quick shot, but I really enjoyed shooting with him.

I know this article was supposed to be how 2017 treated me. But, to me, these photographers have made my 2017. So, I dedicated this one to them. Thank you so much for working with me and made my year. :)




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All photographers I mentioned here are a very respectful person.

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