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Rachel D - Alt Model

A change in perspective can work wonders in the case of self -love. Instead of focusing on the things you “think” you don’t have, or lack, being grateful for the body you do have, & the things it is capable of will just reinforce a mindset of love, instead of a “woe is me” way of thinking.  Plus, we are all so different & just doing our best in this crazy world. Being able to be comfortable with yourself & not playing the game of comparison is a beautiful quality, & something I’m still working on personally, to tell you the truth.

Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up?

This is going to be the most generic & boring answer, but I’m just a normal small town girl. Or I thought I was pretty normal anyways. lol… Most people around me growing up probably thought I was weird. But who isn’t, am I right?

What was your childhood / teenage dream? What did you want to become

As a child, everything inspired me. I have changed my mind on this so often & I honestly don’t really think I have it all figured out at this point in my life either. I remember wanting to be a singer, an astronaut (lol), and a veterinarian. But right now I am working towards nursing school. Helping other people has always been the ultimate goal. I think the key is to never stop learning about things that interest you. That way the doors always remain open.


Any idols during the teenage period?

Honestly, not really that I can recall..

When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session?

I started modeling 7or 8 years ago for a friend who was entering a hair competition. (I had no idea these were even a thing until he started styling). I was nervous as hell because the photographer was a recognized person already in the industry. Thankfully I was able to pull it off lol.

 Most interesting photo session so far? 

I have had the opportunity to work with Patty Maher a few times over the last couple years. Her creativity and ideas are always so refreshing. I love her style, it’s really eerie & beautiful & sparks all these emotions, so I’ve been really honored to be able to help her with her creative process on a few shots. The black balloon shot I did with her is one of my favorites ever.


When did you realize that implied nude / art nude photos will be your next step like a model? 

I’m actually not there yet & not sure that I ever will be. Right now, for me, it’s just about creating cool art pieces. But who knows where I’ll end up with it! Right now, I’m just having fun. There is something to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone, I believe.


Who is in charge when it comes to posing during the photo session - you, photographer or both of you are involved in process of creation? 

I think it depends on who I’m shooting with but I like a healthy balance. I have no problem taking direction if the photographer has a very specific vision in mind. But it’s always cool to bounce ideas off of each other & see how a project can evolve from the original vision.

MUA - tell us more about that.

I guess like any other little girl, I always liked putting on makeup & had an interest in the different looks that could be created. I took a course last year for the sole purpose of being able to apply my own for shoots.. & then I learned very quickly how much more difficult it is to do it on someone else’s face. So for me, on other people, it is definitely still a work in progress. Shout out to all the MUAS out there. Sometimes I think y’all are seriously undervalued!

You have a lot of photos with a different hairstyle and hair color. Do you like to experiment with your hairstyles? 

When I was younger I used to be a lot more adventurous with it. Including hopping on the undercut train, ha!. But now that I’m a bit older, I can’t believe how much time I used to spend on it. The thought of it is exhausting. So for the last little while, it’s just been the natural look for me!



First tattoo. What was the feeling?

Ummm I don’t think I had anticipated the pain. I also picked a very dumb spot to have a first tattoo. But it was an experience! A friend who was just learning actually did my first one. I’ll never forget it haha.

How many tats do you have now? Tell us their meaning.  

I’m not certain of the number. Collectively I’d say I’ve spent around 40 hours in the chair. I have a portrait of my cat, with 2 sets of eyes, signifying him watching over things in this life & the next. My left arm is going to be a tribute to my family. With flowers & stones of their birth months. I’m also the type of person who gets tattoos just because I feel like it. I don’t think there always needs to be a deep profound significance to justify getting one.


What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start modeling career?

I would just say to go for it! Stay true to yourself & your vision. . Regardless of what people say or think. You can be strong & unapologetically authentic without being an asshole. You’re always going to be not enough of something for someone so…fuck em! (sorry for I allowed to do that? )


What kind of art, in general, do you like? 

My favorite form of art has always been music. & still is today. I love all genres & types….except for country. That shit gets no play!!


What is “Alternative model” in your opinion? It started to be such a big “movement” in the modeling world. 
To me, it just means an “alternative” to the conventional bleach blonde, perfect porcelain skin, size 0 type of model that we are all used to seeing. & recognizing that you can be successful in spite of not fitting that mold. Its really amazing to see all types of people, males included, being able to express themselves in different types of art J



Any hobbies?

I’m pretty low key actually. I enjoy reading, working out & yoga, finding new music, playing guitar, cooking, baseball & traveling. There is so much in this life to enjoy! Can’t stand when people say they are bored. It’s! Go & try something new! You may actually enjoy it...


Social media where people can see your work

Facebook: Rachel D- Alternative Model

Instagram: @ellie.eternal




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