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Just go for it!! And never Let people tell u that u cant, cause believe me you can.. and if you can dream it you can do it.. sorry cliché but its what I believe in. Start taking pictures of yourself and practice in the mirror I do it every day and yes it looks dump 😂 but it can help. Look around on Instagram and follow other models and photographers for inspiration, be different, be you ❤

 I grew up in a normal family with my younger brother and sister and my mom and dad, Who got divorced when i was about 11 years old, this was a very difficult time for me. My mother was a professionel ballerina and i wanted to do the same, so i started ballet when i was about 4 years old, i Danced in the ballet of 'Samson &gert' wich is in Belgium a very famous Kids show, i also wanted to be a professionel ballerina but they didnt accept me for my body type, i had to much of feminin curves, this hit me really hard, i started having problems with eating because of this, luckely i found myself an other passion...

 I was born in '89 so i grew up in the 90's wich was Ofcourse the time of the 'Spice girls' i was totally crazy about them i had pictures and posters all over my room, and i Collected every thing about them, my favorite Spice girl was Mel C or sporty Spice, i would always wear my hair like her in a high ponytail.


 I dont really know i consider myself an alt model, i started Ofcourse without piercings or tattoos, so in the first years i moddeld i was not that alt. When i was 17 (in 2007) i was a finalist of the miss antwerp for miss Belgium competention, and there where no piercings or tattoos allowed, so i Looked quite plane.

 My first tattoo was when i was 17/18 years old, i remember i wanted something small that nobody could see, i always loved tattoos so i knew 1 day ik would get one but what was the question, so 1 day at my job i had this cliënt a young girl who came for a bikini wax, and i saw she had a little star tattooed right there.. cause she also wanted a tattoo but her mother could not know, so there was my idea 😊 and i got the star myself right there...

 Right now i only have my belly button and my nose pierced. 6 months ago i took out all of the other, wich was my tong, my lip and a septum, i was sick of it i change a lot of hair style or collor or piercings cause i get sick of always looking the same, weird i know 😂 i also now have braces on my teeth and when they go off i want to get a smiley piercing, its on the inside of your lip so when u Smile u see a little ring 😊


 I dont think i am the expert on How to model or How to be a good Alt. Model, i Just feel u need to do what u like and what u feel good about. Ofcourse an alt. Model needs some ink and piercings 😊

 I think i kind of role in to it, if they ask me for a shoot its most of the time lingerie or semi nude, artistic nude.. maybe photographers do like my feminin curves unlike the ballet teachers. 😉

 I think its also my look, i like to tease and look sexy. 

 Yes so after i figured out i could not be a professional dancer i started going for my other passion wich was beauty, i went to the best school in antwerp to become a beautyspecialist (the school is 'Denise Grésiac' in Berchem) these where the best years of my life in school. After i graduated with honors i got a job and started working, now i do this for 10 years and i love my job, its not working for me, its Just doing my passion every day. You make people happy all the time, you make them pretty and i have fun conversations all day long. We sometimes laugh about it that being a beautyspecialist is sometimes like being a shrink, people tell u everything and i mean every.. thing.. 😄


 Of course i love ballet, but i can appreciate any art form, but if i have to choose besides ballet, it would be paintings, i admire people who can draw ( also tattoo artists) i wish i could draw but i cant. I love How painters express themselfs and How you can look at in different ways, and How everybody feels something else with the same painting.


 I am very Lucky that my job is also my hobby, if you love youre job there isnt a day in your life that you have to work. And Ofcourse besides work i do photoshoots 😊

 Working on long time goals, do some saving to buy a house in a couple of years, staying healthy and keep doing things i love with the people i love and Ofcourse getting more tatted up 😉


 Instagram: Emilies_crazy_wonderland