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To be honest with you I feel like women are so ashamed of their bodies. It’s a product of conditioning and society that’s made it this way. I want women to feel empowered no matter their shape or size. No matter how they may choose to express themselves. Some People think we all have to be and do the same things or we all have to look and act the same way. Just because one persons beliefs are different to your own doesn’t make them wrong. No woman should be ashamed of their body. They have a right to do what they want with it.


Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up?

 I grew up in a small family in Brisbane , Australia. My mum and step father were always really supportive of me and they really tried hard to make sure I had everything I needed to succeed. I remember I wanted to leave school and my step dad delivered pizzas after work to help pay for my college. I’ve been blessed with a fantastic support system. I have a sister, she’s 14 and I am 25 so there was always an age gap but growing up with a baby sister was great. It’s nice to know I can always be a role model. I’m very protective over her , I’d do anything for her. I just want her to know that she’s amazing and beautiful the way she is. We were raised with body confidence and I try to always back that up whenever I am around her.

What was your childhood / teenage dream? What did you want to become?

 Honestly, I always wanted to be a model but now it’s more of a hobby. My dream still is to become a marine biologist and I actually study that now.

Any idols during the teenage period?

 I never really had any idols. My mother has always been mine.

 When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session?

 I was 14 when I had my first shoot done. The photographer really liked me, he told me one day I’d be on the cover of swimsuit illustrated. Perhaps that’s still an achievable goal.

 Implied nude / Nude photos - when have you done your first nude photo session?

My first nude photo session was actually only this year.

 How was the feeling?

I’ve always been comfortable naked so naturally, I loved it! It was very empowering.

Reactions from people close to you?

Honestly, my family and friends are great. As long as I’m happy they are happy.

 Boudoir / Implied nude  - do you participate in ideas when it comes to the whole process of making photos or do you leave everything to the photographer ?

I leave most of it up to the photographer but if it’s my shoot I always have my own ideas.


What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start modeling career?

 Do whatever makes you comfortable. Pick a professional to work with. You have to be able to vibe with the photographer.

Can you give an advice, to people in general, how not to be ashamed of their body? We have published curvy and plus size bikini & nude models, they have had big problems with their confidence before they started to do modeling. 

We were all born naked and I think having a strong sense of self is where we all need to start. truly love yourself - even your imperfections. The world would be a very boring place if we all looked the same. You’re unique so don’t forget that.


What kind of art, in general, do you like?

 I love abstract art.

Any hobbies?

I enjoy the water more than anything else and I go to the ocean often to calm my thoughts.

Social media where people can see your work


Nevaeh Knight model /Facebook 


@the_green_divine / Instagram