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I started modeling 3 years ago. I followed all the 'suicide girls' on social networks. One day I woke up, and I said to myself 'why about me? Why not!' Then the story begins!

Alternative' modeling is my universe. You don't have to be perfect with perfect measurements. You can be tall, small, curvy, tiny. You can have huge breast, or not. You just can be yourself and that's what I like! Every woman is beautiful!


 I think I had a perfect childhood, in Strasbourg a lovely French city. I had a lot of nice friends and an education with pretty values. Thanks to my parents for being who I am now.

My childhood dream was to become a classical dancer. Unfortunately, I had huge scoliosis so I had to give up this dream.

My lovely vintage icons: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Brigitte Bardot! 

My mother promised me my first tattoo at 18 for my exam. I got it and she was forced to offer it to me haha

I must have 15 or 16 tattoos at this time, but I won't stop here :)

Nudity is not porn! For me, it's all about art. Body is the tool.. it can be sexy/glamorous but I always make a point not to fall into vulgar... I am very comfortable with nudity..

I was a little bit nervous during my first duo session, because i didn't know the girl! But from the beginning, a feeling has settled between us and I am so proud about the results

Thème was the privacy of a couple of woman, very sweet.


You don't have to accept all the projects. Check their work and discuss before if what you want. Set the limits to not have any unpleasant surprises.

I love Photos, especially black and white

Cinema, music, and having a nap 😴

Continue shootings, have more, juggling with my barmaid work

I can feel 2018 so good!

Social Media

FB page: lo

Instagram: louiskyyy

Sg page: louiskyyy