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Lya - Smart, Talented, Attractive, Passionate Young Girl

It is up to you to make that you want. Pursue your dreams.

Choose, please, your photographers and think all the same in your projects (to where the aim to be to try the experience(experiment)!

What are your limits which you give yourselves?


I am the fruit of a Greek father and a mother of Polish origin. I am very passionate about sport since a child. And towards the age of 20 years, I began dancing lessons oriental (at the base oriental dancer and dancer of fire, I livened up diverse events) than during photography sessions with my former troop of dance, I took pleasure to find me in front of the objective. And since then I evolved, at the beginning, it was purely artistic with regard to the dance and then I diversified: rest in underwear and then in January 2015 pose naked and take this naughty pleasure to play the expressions of the body.

Being a child/teenager I really had no projects/specific dreams. Carefree still of my future. I did not think of having so much passion as the dance the photo the sport. I saw working in the world of the medicine (what I'm doing today, a great success for me moreover)

I was already more than 25 years old when I saw quite a lot of photos on girls' clear(net) SG and from it, I wanted in me. It wishes to make the steps(initiatives) for the future.

All style of music and now more !! ( forever lol  )

Christina Aguillera, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Nirvana, Linkin Park

House music / retro-House music too

It began in 2008 during artistic performances ( oriental dance) and then during photography sessions with my former(old) troop. To take this pleasure to be photographed to begin then to strip off(become bare) more and more and in January 2015 began the nude and to be asked by many photographers





Worth knowing that when we are a model photo, we become a little the ecstasy of most of the fans. And the fact of being suicide chorus girl (hopeful for my part). There is this sexy quoted, sex symbol, this untouchable quoted, we try of reflected a self-image, to clear many of presence, it is also a form to assert itself according to our personality our physical appearance which we want to put forward. It is a daring universe, and thus it is necessary to be good in its body and in his head, to think about our future and especially about our image because we show partially our intimacy.

My first tattoo I made him(it) at the age of 20, in the bottom(stocking) of my back. A little put under stress but in the end(final) it took place well. Now I have 13 of it but many of the other projects still

I do not have 4 piercings anymore on the face (nose, tragus (ear), (upper lip) and the language(tongue) dumbfounded. I had nipples and the septum but my ex-boyfriend made them to me remove: ' (. I soon re-shod them ^^


I adore posing naked, it is an art in which I feel the most comfortable, and am not afraid of playing the comedy during my duets with men or with women. Know how to play on the self-expression through movements and the mimes. This language of the body, make speak through bodies and play in the feelings

I like to play the game to be attached but I am not connected sadomasochism, there are certain poses or certain accessories as I do not want

I like the sexy lingerie. I usually put G-strings but sometimes I also like shorts with funny writings.

I love the drawing, the paint, the photo

Judo, body-building, jogging, internet, to listen to some music, to spend time with my family and my friends

I plan to begin the again year 2018 with a session self-portrait, then I have other projects duets (women) and soloes (whether it is in a studio or in nature. Certainly 1 or 2 projects were left unsettled for this winter, and looking forward to beautiful days, to take photos of the sea for example and also I prepare a new set SG.



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Instagram: Lya Koukla