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Mary - Alt Model



About Mary : 

My parents from Egypt and I have 3 brother's and sisters. I'm the oldest one 😊 from childhood away I love nature and recognize humans and pets.

My childhood/teenage dream was to be  Nurse or go to an art School.

I didn't have any idols. Every person has his own character, what makes life, interesting.

I started modeling when I was22 yrs old.

I like the color and the individuality of facets of being human. I'm not a robot or machine. I love to create my own style and character, not what one like or not.

Tattoos and piercings:  2 piercings with 16 and tattoo with 21.

Nudity - Because it's nature 

Photo session with another girl - Yes, with my bestie, 2 times. 

Life philosophy: I must live with my conscience and I do nothing, what I don't like when it happens to me.

Plans for 2018: Finish the nurse school now. 

Facebook:  Mary - Alternative Model