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 I think to showing my body it's a kind of feminist movement.
I like when my photos are sexy, hot and provocative.
I'm not the classical type of model...but I have some specials. This have every woman.
You don't need to operate can just be cool and hot exactly as you are...
It's not like a miss contest-where you have a concuration ...
It's more to give power, and self confidence for girls. 
Tell us where are you from, how old are you, something about growing up.
I was Bored in Poland,  a single Child. From the beginning had the craziest Ideas and a lot of Energy. Was shining in the school with best notes, but the rebell spirit made me do many different experiences and adventures. It was a good time, but not easy from the beginning. I had to stay independent and a fighter from day zero. This was a good attitude for my future.
What were your childhood dreams - like, what did you want to become when you grow up?
The choice-what should I do in the future was very difficult for me, cause I like many different disciplines and have open Horizont.   But...there was some big dreams. My first love was always music. I love to sing, so there was dreaming about  being a Music star. A singer. Making Show and provocate is also my was thinking about get popular  and doing good things, that people can enjoy. 
Tell us about your regular day - how does it look like.
 My life is changing very quick. Yestarday I was a physiotherapiest, now working and earning money also as photomodel. I have a lot of ideas and new projects every day...there is no regular day-sometimes I have quiet day, sometimes I have two shootings  at same day...meeting creative, artistic people is the most important. As i said  I have a lot of own ideas-so the shootings are very Dynamic...many spontaneous free Style Sets- this Are the bests, and the effects of the work are very original. I'm working on that to create my life as creative as possible...
Model life. How and when did you start with modeling?
It's pretty new for me - I've just started about 6months ago. But when I enjoy something I invest a lot of time and energy. It's growing and expanding very quick, but I need a lot of action and movement, so sometimes i have a feeling to beeing stuck. Than  I have to realise  how much IVe already  done,  and what have changed in this half year. It's amazing-cause my whole life has changed. That's why...I think I need to learn to be a bit more patient. Every shooting is totally different, every fotograph has a different style. This is the biggest adventure and joy about the photomodel job. You Never get bored, you are always in a new situation, and meeting great people. 
First experience in front of the camera? How did you feel?
Well, I was already working in the Theater few years ago. It was an Amateur Theater in Germany-but in a full time. I was an actress and we were making also some tours with the group. That was great time for me. After that-the "normal life" started. I was working some years as physiotheapiest. When I started to being active as photomodel-I've realized how much I was missing that. Staying on the stage or in a front of camera, gives me the greatest pleasure. I think also photographs are feeling that, and normally it harmonise very quick. 
What kind of photos do you prefer ? Also, do you like to take instructions from the photographer or to be a part of the shooting ideas ? 
im still trying out. there is no special style that I prefere...just, the Fotos have to have a strong expression. There are some fotographs that it's more like Team work -we Are creating together. There are also some-that are giving more instructions but that's ok too...I learn a lot by every  shooting, every new photograph, new experience. Its important to be able taking lessons from every shooting. Only than you can evolve.
Lingerie photos - your favorite lingerie that you like to wear during the photo session ? Your favorite lingerie in general ? Also, who is in charge when it comes to lingerie for the photo session ? 
This is very variable...I like try out new styles, new masks...there is no favourite lingerie-it depend what you want to express. But to take dessous Fotos makes a lot of fun, I love it. I love to present my body and take sexy poses and just-let go by the shooting. It's a mix-of fun but to keep tension is a hard work too...
You have done Shibari photo session too. Tell us more about that kind of art. 
I work regular with this fotograph and it very special, but very soft and comfortable art. At first time I was scared
if i can hold this positions and don't get in panic. I love to feel free and i don't like to be bounded...but shibari makes you fell like secure. I'm getting immediately in relaxing modus...i have to concentrate by the shootings that I stay concentrate, cause I could dream away every moment. The photograph has a very special technic to edit the pictures-in comic effect. His Fotos are always very strong and expressive.
Nude photos - when have you done your first nude photo session ? How was the feeling ? Reactions ? 
          I don't remember wich shooting was the first one in nude. Just tryied out different things and some classic poses at the beginning, and than with every next shooting got more and more selfconfidence, ideas and motivation. I didn't feel special about that, but i was afraid about reaction for publication. Now I'm totally in the role and feeling good with it, getting fans, people are apriciate my work. That makes me feeling good and grow. 
                                 You have been published - tell us about that experience. 
Being published was my aim from the beginning. Even if-as I've said-was afraid about the reaction of my environment for taking this direction. The first publication are in "Sensual Magazin" and "69 Magazin" wich is a bit more provocating. Soon there will come out a special edition of Sensual Magazin-with my pics only. I want to build on this, and evolve. That means -this is not the final step. 
You are artist too. Tell us more about that.
I have an artistic kind of feeling and seeing world. I'm sensible for music, sometimes I'm drawing or painting. This is rare, and the special moment need to be there.i also tryed to build some furniture, or   writing in the school times. So...Being Artist  for me-is not only having one discipline, its a life Philosophie and style. It's the way you componaise your things every day, your look, your actions. Its the process between deep impression, having deep feelings and expression. You can make art of everything. One of my project is for example my Facebook account, where I'm not writing...I'm just posting music-clips, songs with texts that explaining my situation of feelings at the moment, or posting some pictures to make people think about some topics, that are getting lost in normal dayly life. Now...the model project is on top. 
Feminism ? 

Yes. I think to showing my body it's a kind of feministic movement. I like when my Fotos are sexy, hot and provocative. I'm not the classical type of model...but I have some specials. This have every woman. You don't need to operate can just be cool and hot exactly as you's not like a miss contest-where you have a's more to give power, and selfconfindence for girls. 
Plans for the rest of this year ? 

For sure evolve...there are some aims. I will try to realize, but there is no exact plan. It's a mix of trying to go in one direction and living day by day, sly and see what happen. The details are secretly  at the moment.