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Artsy life of Neō-Neō

I love Maila Nurmi (Vampira) so so much. She was so classy and stylish, and I was such a gothic freak when I decided to start modeling that I wanted to become somewhat "the new Vampira".

I was that crazy.

So that was how "Neovampira" was created.

"Neō-Neō" comes from the Japanese culture, the Idol culture, they usually take the girls' name and say it twice, and I've always been called just "Neō" so.


 Tell us something about you 

I'm 21 years old and I was born in Palencia, a small town in Spain. I've lived most of my life in Madrid tho. I'm an alternative and erotic model.

 When did you start with modeling? 

I started modeling not so long time ago, a little over a year. It was a challenging year but I'm proud of what I've achieved so far.

 Neovampira. Now did you get that nickname? Also, Neō-Neō?

I love Maila Nurmi (Vampira) so so much. She was so classy and stylish, and I was such a gothic freak when I decided to start modeling that I wanted to become somewhat "the new Vampira". I was that crazy. So that was how "Neovampira" was created. "Neō-Neō" comes from the Japanese culture, the Idol culture, they usually take the girls' name and say it twice, and I've always been called just "Neō" so.

Something about Goth love.

There are so many posers in the Goth world, that made go a little away from it really, but there's something about true goths' way of thinking and point of view. Apart from their likes in movies and music, which are awesome. They're usually very sensitive, and that's the word that best describes me.

Tattoos? Meaning of them, why do you like tats... 

I have loads of tattoos. 23 last time I counted. I'm not so into sharing the stories behind them since they involve things I've felt and/or experience with other people, but the most meaningful  one to me is the dragon on my back, it is from the American version of Millennium movies, a constant reminder that I have to keep building the strong, independent woman that I wanna become. I love tattoos because they will capture anything in a beautiful way.


I used to have a lot as well. Seven. I only have my septum these days. I don't love them as much as I do love tattoos.

Pin Up Culture. Are you into that too? 

 I've always loved pinups. I got it from my dad. He'd have all of these huge illustration books from several artists (my most favorite is Elvgren) from the 40's and 50's, and also modern pinup-based artworks such as DC Bombshells, Vampirella, etc. Ever since I was little I tried to mimic the Lolita fashion and then slowly moved to Pinup as I grew up and those clothes would fit me. I used to gather all of my lingerie at vintage stores, flea markets and so on. Also the dresses and shoes. I would spend endless days searching for Bettie Page and Tempest Storm's pictures and vids, among other beautiful artists from their era. My nowadays favorites are Dita Von Teese, Vinila Von Bismark, and Drrty Martini. I love how they are feminine and classic stylish but also unique and independent as models, artists and women.


Suicide Girls. Tell us more about that journey.

That's where all started, Suicide Girls. I was at this point in my life in which I didn't have so much self-esteem but I was really willing to get some. I came across their Instagram page and I thought I'd fit in there and maybe get some friends with equal ideas too, so I applied. This photographer contacted me and we submitted my first photoset. After 1 year on the site, I've submitted several photosets but never made it to the "official" title. Well. I'd like to see my work on the site valuable enough to become an official, but at least I got what I then realized was best: I gained popularity. Photographers out from the site started being interested in me for different themes and projects, I made it to a model agency, and then I noticed that SG wasn't everything and I shouldn't feel frustrated, no, there was so much more out there waiting for me. I made my now best friends along the way through, and I learned lots about this industry. That's what's most important about joining Suicide Girls at the end of the day, because only a few girls will become official, sadly.

Favorite lingerie? 

Anything vintage or bondage-inspired. I love complicated but sophisticated designs.


Nude/implied photos - reaction to people close to you and in general? 

My parents always knew everything from the very beginning. My cam work and Patreon pages when I used to work in that direction, my sessions for SG, my sessions apart from the site which is most usually on the erotic and nude side... They're the most open-minded people I've ever known. Of course, they warned me about possible consequences and gave me advice, but they always supported me all along my journey. They are proud of what I'm achieving and all the self-confidence that I've gained.

 Apart from modeling, I also work in an office. Nobody ever knew nor suspected anything until a customer recognized me. I thought I'd get fired or something but everything's ok, and that happened a long time ago now so. I never use my real full name on any social media nor modeling job also.

 People may look at me all judgemental and I used to care but not anymore. Some people call me a "pornstar". I don't do porn. But if I did, who cares? We all watch porn and somebody has to work on it so we can enjoy seeing it, right? People are hilarious.


You seem to be a great Makeup Artist as well? 

Oh, thank you! I try! I can't afford to count on a makeup artist and a hair stylist whenever I'd like to have one, so I had to learn myself. I actually love doing my make up. I love sitting down with a tea every morning and start working with what my natural features have to offer. I find it quite relaxing. I spend between 30 and 40 minutes and I use over 8 different products on my daily look, for the record.

Favorite movies/ music/art in general? 

I love all kinds of art. I thank my dad for that too. He paints and sculpts as a professional so I've always lived surrounded by sketches, materials, books, artists names, and such. I even had my own painting exhibition at the age of 15 and I thought my destiny was to become a painter, but my mind is always changing overnights so I can't really tell what I'll be doing next week, to be honest.

My favorite form of art would be painting. My favorite artists in this field are Michael Hussar, whom I had the huge pleasure to get to know, Mark Ryden and Gottfried Helnwein. I love anything dark and twisted and gothic. I also love kitsch.

Movies would be my second fav form of art. My favorite directors are Lars Von Trier, David Lynch, and Quentin Tarantino. They know how to catch everyone's eyes, and I'm so into that.

I do love music as well though. I play the bass and I used to play the piano when I was little. I also did gymnastics and danced ballet. Art has always been present in my life.

Plans for the rest of 2018

Keep growing I guess! My little internet family keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more supportive as well. I wish nothing but to keep everyone happy and entertained and keep working hard for my name to be known and remembered, and to keep doing what I love. And, who knows, maybe make a whole living out of it only.

Links where people can see your work. 

for now, I'm available on Instagram and Suicide Girls only