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Feonix - Stay True to yourself by freeing yourself

Remain Humble. Remain Positive.  Meditate. Stay True to yourself by freeing yourself.

Grasp on to whatever your higher power is whatever you consider your " Gravity"

Remained Focused on your gravity as if its the oxygen to live.

When you think you can't prove to yourself why you can.

Challenge yourself but never forget your root. Use your history your emotion your energy.

Embrace your features take advantage.

1. Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up? 
Born and raised in Phoenix Az, raised by my mother and grandmother, A single mom of two at the time my mother worked day in day out to provide for both my brother and me who is 3 years older than myself., Most of our days were spent living at grandmas in Phx Az. As it wasn't always as stable as we would have hoped for my mother struggled to keep food on the table, moving from schools to schools one bedroom apartments and an abusive father. my mother strived each day to achieve an education in Mortgage.
2. What was your childhood / teenage dream? What did you wanna to become? 
Dancer. Since I could remember as a little girl I always wanted to dance, Visions as a little girl running my own studio, As I child, I studied movies such as save the last dance, Selena, when step up came out I literally sat there and studied Jenna Dewan's rhythm.
3. Any idols during the teenage period? 
Selena / Jenna Dewan are my two ultimate favorite idols/ Aside from the talent they both withhold it is the positive upbringing vibe, But also the way they have carried themselves so humbly.
4. When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session? 
I first started modeling as a child my mother had me in little gigs here and there nothing to the public, however as a child about 4 years old I was asked to do a diaper commercial. My first shoot was 12 years old for a dance performance shoot I had coming up we did a shoot for the upcoming concert it was a great experience, comfortable, positive.
5. Alternative model. Do you consider yourself as an Alt model? 
I do consider my self a universal model as I can outbranch into different metrics of the modeling industry/ i do however consider myself an alternative model I believe my style represents my energy / my history / my culture and where I came from, I believe I have a story to tell in each of my photos in each move that I make.
6. First tattoo. What was the feeling?
15 years old, the table in my parents living room, Personally I love the feeling of tattoos in my own way its soothing calming escape, I got my back shoulder/ spine A heart with a rose throughout it with the bible verse. : Hate stirs up dissension love covers all wrongs. Proverbs 10: 12
7.  How many tats do you have now? 
I have over 25 Tattoos now and will be continuing.
8. Meaning of your tattoos? 
Each of my tattoos represents family and what it means to me, part of me, a part of what I believe in, history, Greek mythology each tattoo represents the power of positive energy
9. Who is in charge when it comes to lingerie during the photo session? 
I am in charge of my own clothing
10. Favorite lingerie for a photo session? Favorite lingerie in general? Also, what is “sexy” for you when it comes to modeling? 
Laced spandex and bodysuits are a favorite when shooting. My idea of sexy.
11. What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start alt modeling career? Also, lots of girls are ashamed of their body and that is the main reason why they do not start with lingerie / implied nude modeling. What would be your advice to them?  
Remain Humble. Remain Positive. Meditate. Stay True to yourself by freeing yourself. Grasp on to whatever your higher power is whatever you consider your " Gravity" Remained Focused on your gravity as if its the oxygen to live. When you think you can't prove to yourself why you can. Challenge yourself but never forget your root. use your history your emotion your energy, Embrace your features take advantage.
12. What kind of art, in general, do you like? 
Modern, Contemporary, Graffiti, Graphic, abstract expression, fine art by movement, art deco is good for shoots
13. Any hobbies? 
Besides dancing, I spend my days with my son as I am a single mom to a 2-year-old my hobbies are taking my son on daily adventures to the park, aquariums, and hiking/ Dancing is extracurricular when I don't have my son
14. plans for the rest of 2018?
Plans for the rest of 2018 finish summer courses pushing closer towards a doctorate in pediatrics, take my son to California for the first time, get published in at least one mag before 2018 ends.
15. Social media accounts so people can see your work.