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Jodie trough the eyes of Philip Leighton

"Growing up as a triplet, myself and my sisters attracted much attention and we had been asked to model on a number of occasions. But they didn't have the interest and I didn't have the confidence or self-belief.

My first exposure to the industry was in 2006 when I became the face of a high street Bank, though I was getting married and chose not to pursue a career in the industry. Unfortunately, in 2017 my 14 year relationship broke down and since I have found the confidence to give the modelling world a go.

It took some encouragement from a good photographer friend of mine (Luca), and life has never been the same since- thank you, Luca!!

This is how I found such a talented photographer “Phil”, who is responsible for much of the amazing work in my portfolio and in this publication. Thank you Phil for all of your hard work, patience, encouragement and for putting up with me. As I say, we smash it !”

Insta page: Jodie

''In the last two years, I have been really taking my portrait photography to a new level. Through my desire to progress and improve,  I came across Jodie. I loved Jodie’s look and believed that Jodie would help with taking my images to a new level. We have had several photoshoots over the summer and we have managed to capture some amazing images that I am really proud of. Jodie is really easy to work with, is down to earth with a great personality and is a natural in front of the camera. The images within this article are some of our favourites from our recent shoots. Yes, Jodie,  we have “Smashed it.''

Insta page: Philip Leighton Photography