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Georgia - you control your own happiness

What have I always dreamed to become? Well when I was younger I used to always dream about walking down the catwalk along with all the other super models and everyone would know my name but then due to nasty comments my aims changed and I then dedicated my time to my education and my dreams were set on graduating uni with a degree in nursing (which I’m still studying towards) so realistically I’m now living both! I do want to appear on reality tv in the future and continue and grow my modelling 


My idols were / are always changing when I was younger, they still do. There’s not one definitive person I can say I idolise.

July 2018 was my first official photoshoot, I’d not long turned 18 and I knew this was something I wanted to do, I received photos back from the shoot to start to create my portfolio, I had dabbled with modelling beforehand but nothing major. I travelled to Birmingham to meet @gwvis who had contacted me through Instagram and I loved it! He gave my the best advice and since then I haven’t looked back. I can’t thank gaz enough for first of all believing I had what it takes but giving me the confidence to go out and grab every opportunity, I’ll forever be grateful to him.


Lingerie photos - when have you done your first lingerie photo session?

I jumped into lingerie photoshoots quite quickly, I tried some lingerie photos on my second ever photoshoot but my confidence didn’t shine through and although I liked the photos I got back,I wanted better from myself so from then I looked up other lingerie models, there poses etc and became more and more confident with it and now lingerie is my favourite style of shoot!

You are an amazing lingerie model - who is in charge when it comes to lingerie, you or a photographer?

Thank you!! When it comes down to the actual lingerie, I always pick my own sets unless there is a particular set a photographer wants then I’ll be happy enough to get it in time for the shoot but I’ve always liked a little guidance with poses etc as I can never see what I actually look like unless there’s a mirror in front on me (I’ve made a photographer get a mirror for me before). And also if there’s certain shots a photographer wants, they will usually send ideas through which I will either agree and disagree to doing so both of us have our own roles, no one is particularly ‘in charge’ of the shoot.


What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start modelling career?

Go for it! I’ve always been more than happy to give advice or guidance to anyone wanting to get into modelling as I’ve been in the position of not knowing where to start either, this was all just a idea / dream I have 6 months ago and now I’m finally doing what I enjoy! Just be safe in what you’re doing, I’m only young myself (18), just research everything! Research agencies, photographers, everything just to make sure you know exactly what your getting into, however I’d 100% say if you want it, go and get it. But don’t give up, it may take a while to grow and expand your portfolio but if it’s meant to be, it will be.


Can you give an advice, to people in general, how not to be ashamed of their body? We have published curvy and plus size bikini & nude models, they have had a big problem with their confidence before they started to do modeling. 

Everyone will have their own opinion, their own thoughts but don’t let what others think to affect you. I had a lot of issues when I was younger over my weight as i had such a fast metabolism, I never gained weight (this is what put me off modelling for a few years) but if I had of stored those thoughts I wouldn’t be where I am today. It is hard to ignore comments etc but no one is perfect, everyone has their own path which some people might not agree with, but it’s not them living it, it’s you. You’ll never grow as a person by listening to others and holding back on opportunities because of ‘what if’s’ you only control your own happiness, your not in control of no one else’s.

Any hobbies?

Not particularly no. I used to do so many after curriculum activities growing up which I enjoyed but once I reached secondary school and my health deteriorated I had no energy to even see the full day, let alone find hobbies I enjoyed and from that I’m now finding my feet with being able to juggle my education, work and social life. I see my job as my hobby though, I enjoy modelling and that’s what I want to fulfill.

My Instagram & Twitter is geooxox follow me and watch the empire grow.