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I approached Shell to participate in my "Fashion in the woods" project in the summer of 2018. I love Shell’s look and luckily Shell agreed to work with me. Since then we have completed four photoshoots each with different themes. Since then Shell and I have really got on well and completed 4 shoots in a short period of time. The reason why I continue to shoot with Shell is that she produces amazing images, is really easy to get on with, has great outfits and also is really professional and reliable. 
Shell produces some amazing images, of which her nickname is now the “Poser”. We get on really well and have a laugh on all our shoots. If Shell is struggling for a bit of inspiration for her poses (everyone needs to warm up) then all Shell needs is something to lean on and then Shell is magic. I remember Shell saying to me “Give a girl something to lean on”, thats means a tree, a wall, lamppost or anything. Shell also poses freestyle too…... Since then we have not looked back.
The images in this publication are a small selection captured from each of our shoots to date. 




Instagram: Shell

Portfolio: Shell Jennifer  

First Shoot - Fashion in the Woods
Our first shoot did not quite go as expected. In the UK at the time of our first shoot we had a heat wave and had not had rain for weeks. Guess what, on the night we did our shoot within minutes of shooting we had rain. Luckily we managed to find some shelter under the tree’s and in the end produced some great images. 
Second Shoot - Abandoned 
As we worked so well together we planned a second shoot, this time it was an “Abandoned" theme. I mentioned to Shell on our first shoot that I had always wanted to complete an abandoned themed photoshoot and Shell knew a cool location. So there it was the second shoot planned, we arranged to meet and we shot in what was originally a small garden centre. It was in the evening and the light was fading fast, of which we had to call the shoot to an end as we had no light. That in mind we managed to get some amazing images from the evening, of which some of the images are my best to date. The images of Shell in the Body suit are amazing, such a great figure and great pose. 
Third Shoot - Late Notice
Shell had a cancellation for a shoot local to myself and on the off chance got in contact to see if I was free. Luckily I was free that evening, albeit short noticed. I quickly got my gear together and arranged to meet Shell in the city centre. I am so glad Shell got in contact with me as we produced some amazing images on the night. This then started off a small project inspired by Shell which I called “Night in the City”. The them being images captured in the evening in my local city centre in Birmingham, UK. 
Fourth Shoot - Night in the City
Our latest shoot to date was a continuation of the “Night in the City” Project. This time it was not as warm as the last shoot as it was now October in the UK. Shell, however braved the cold and yet again we captured some amazing images. This time was with more lights and even Graffiti art. We had a chuckle on the shoot as some of the urban Graffiti had a Frankenstein character painted on one of the walls, so I captured an image of Frankenstein and then claimed that image was the best of the night. Shell now has a new friend call “Frank”, lol. 
Future Shoots - 2019
Shell and I have some more amazing shoots planned for 2019 and are looking at publishing more work together, so please say tuned…!