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Clio - Body Art

For me being naked and showing my body is a kind of magic exorcism of all my emotions, a sublimation of the feminine side I hide everyday in my manly sport and job. 


        1. Can you tell us about growing up and what was your wish to become one day when you “grow up” ?


I grew up as a high iq kid and i always felt misunderstood and alone, very attracted to the dark side. My biggest dream when i was a child was running a funeral home.


  1. Fitness journey.How it all started.


It all started because I suffered from severe eating disorders all my life and fitness had the power to put me in a healthy control of my life and approach to food.



  1. Any role models at the beginning of your fitness career ?


I have a lot of fitspo on my phone but my very role model was myself. I’m proud of how i changed my life and i think everyone of us always has to compare to himself, not to others to succed and obtain results in fitness industry.


  1. One week in gym. Can you tell us about your daily routines ?


Sure. I workout from 3 to 6 Times a week depending of the amount of work i have and of my stress condition. I’m very prone to getting tired and stressed so i do 35 to 55 minutes routines on my upper body and 50 minutes routine on my legs.


  1. Being a personal trainer, bikini fitness prep coach - tell us more about that.


For me is something natural. I’m very good at understanding people’s needs and my special empathy is appreciated by my clients.


About bikini girls...all my Athletes are 100% doping free and they are beautiful on the outside as well as they are on the inside. I love to see them reaching their dreams and goals.


  1. Modeling. You have beautiful lingerie photo sesions - from what we could see on Instagram. Tell us more about modeling experience.


I have been modeling and acting and creating images all my life. For me is letting my fears and feelings flow out and free me. It May sound strange, but i am definitely a introverted.


  1. Implied nude and arty nude photos. You have dobe wonderful ones. What this kind of art means to you ?


It started all when i was 18 as a joke with some friends and a camera. And it never stopped. For me being naked and showing my body is a kind of magic exorcism of all my emotions, a sublimation of the feminine side I hide everyday in my manly sport and job.


  1. Can you give an advice to all girls who would like to start with fitness, but also to compete at bikini fitness competitions ?


I advice them not to use doping and to choose wisely their coaches. We have only one life and health must be the priority.


  1. Can you give an advice to girls who would like to be a artsy nude models but they are affraid what will people tell ?


I don’t know what to say because i never was afraid of people’s opinions. So go on girls. Free yourselves and never be afraid to express.


  1. You are Inked model too. What does tattoos means to you ?


Tattos are sacred to me: i love esoterism and magic and all my ink is deeply inked to this kind of subject.


  1. Social media so people can see your work.