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Jasmin - Natural Beauty

When did you start with modeling ?

I start modeling in 2015, as a hobby.


First photo session ? How was that experience ?

My first photo session was in the nature near a pond. I was very insecure and hardly self-confident. I am not recognize myself on the photos of that time.


Favorite photon sessions ?

My favorite photo session, was in Bonn in a penthouse. There was many different locations, like a pool. We had so many possibilities to shoot photos and that only in 2 days. I say thank you to German top girls for that experience.


You are beautiful fashion model. Favorite style for photo sessions ? What is your favorite casual style ?

I love colours like pink. And I prefer fashion shoots in a studio.


 USA vs Europe when it comes to fashion. Similarities and difference, in your opinion

 I think I do not have the time to start modeling properly. Sad but so I have to stay in Europe. But I love the USA it`s a big dream to went to the USA in the future


Plans for the rest of 2019 when it comes to modeling.

My plan is to start more with JC-Spotlight (germ an top girls). In September we will go to Mallorca for a shooting-trip.That sounds great. And I have more ideas with Schildroth-Fotografie, for example a pool-shooting in july.


Social media where people can see your work?

Instagram is my main platform for photos, thats enough to make good connections.


Model: Jasmin