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Angelina - German Alt Model

My appearance does not correspond to the norm. My clothing style is mostly black. The hair conspicuous and with piercings and tattoos.

1. When did you start with modeling career ? 

My first shooting was at the age of 18. It's been 5 years since I started. At the beginning only urban casual looks, but after a year  desous too.

2. How was that first experience ? 
My first experience was great. The photographer made me feel very comfortable. He was at my age, so it wasn't that serious, more like fun time. 

3. Favorite photo sessions ? 
I always like casual style. It's comfortable and if there are new photographer it's not so crazy to shoot with it. If I shoot with a new photographer in desous I'm a little bit shy because I have also made bad experiences. 

4. Favorite lingerie dor the photo sessions ? 
The most lingerie I loved is black with lot of lace. 

5. Inked model - tell us more about your tattoos. When have you done your first tattoo ? 
I got my first Tattoo when i turned 18 after my birthday.

6. How many tats do you have and their meaning ? 
Right now i have 12 tattoos, they all mean something to me, but most important is a "S" on my neck, it's the first initial letter of my sis.

7. Piercings - why do you like them, how many of them do you have and where ? 
I think pircings are a wonderful body jewellery. It looks great. Ich have 12. Five of them are on / in my mouth, two unter my eye, one on my belly and the last one on my ear. 

8. Do you consider yourself as an Alt model ? 
Yes, my outward appearance does not correspond to the norm. My clothing style is mostly black. The hair conspicuous and with pircings and tattoos.

9. Any fetish ? 
Nah, none. 

10. Plans for 2019 ? 
I would like to have even more shootings and get connected a lot further. And more and more tattoos. 

11. Social media where people can see your modeling work.
On social media I have Instagram and Facebook. But I'm not so aktiv at If anyone want to see my photos he must see this on my page : angi_rosee

Photos by @m.baderphotorock 






Instagram: Angelina