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French Class - Art by Eric

I'm Eric Vermeil, a french photographer living in the sunny french riviera. I've been into photography for many years, experienced different kinds and aspects of this art, landscape, macro, architecture, abstract and graphic, light painting, HDR and more.
For a bit more than a year now, I'm focusing on the style that fits me better, the portrait. The human approach is very interesting, and I love to develop a trust relationship with a model, which is very important. 
Trust and respect are the keys.
I will say that my style is soft and glamourous. I'm more into soft boudoir than nudity. Prior to every shooting, I always discuss with the model, we share our wishes, our ideas, and sometimes it drives us somewhere else, where the result is very different than the original idea. This is what I like most.  
I especially love B/W, which gives much more power to a portrait.
I like to play with lights and shadows, that's why I'm shooting more in-studio than outside.
I love the low-key, and always try to make a picture tell a story. 
On a technical point of view, I've always been using SONY cameras, currently, I'm using an A7 mk2 with prime lenses, 55 and 85mm. 
I like to post-process my pictures with lightroom only, no photoshop.
I still have many projects in mind, and for some of them still waiting to find the right model who will fit perfectly and inspire me. 
My keywords in photography are INSPIRATION, TRUST, RESPECT, SHARING